Maloy Krishna Dhar is the author of Open Secrets ( avg rating, ratings, 35 reviews, published ), Operation Triple X ( avg rating, 93 rati. Now consider what Maloy Krishna Dhar, former joint director, Intelligence Bureau in his book published nearly a decade ago-“Open secrets-. Maloy Krishna Dhar’s Open Secrets, as he informs us at the outset, is not an autobiography; nor, indeed, does it offer an objective or critical assessment and.

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The politicians and the people had started looking up to the IB unit as an independent window to Delhi…. The Stuggles of a civil servant Describes the challenges a civil servant has to undergo.

The IB unit was reeking with corruption and nepotism. Therefore Hinduism or Sanatana Dharam itself must be thrown into the dustbin of history for India to reinvigorate and unite.

Published by Manas Publications first published April 30th Further Rajiv Gandhi was directly responsible in aiding and abetting the Hindu terrorists who killed over 20, innocent Sikhs in and around Delhi alone in Novnot to mention the othermurdered by him and his henchmen in Punjab. This book is written with detail and efforts given by Maloy Dhar behind this book is reflected clearly.

If such hate filled Brahmin spies fill the intelligence agencies of India what chance of freedom or justice does the ordinary citizen who happens to orishna of a minority faith have? In the final analysis Dhar exhorts the citizens of India to make all these agencies krihsna accountable to the public rather than the current status quo of being only accountable to the Prime Minister and Home Minister and none else.

It is therefore obvious that the strategy of the BJP is to defame Sreekumar with false allegations since the petition of Zakia Jafri against Modi is being decided by the trial court on December 2, And since by this time the party was a single family rule, one loses any vestiges of sympathy for those that were oen and have been since at the helm.


Book Review: Open Secrets-India’s Intelligence Unveiled by Maloy Krishna Dhar

But who cares for the truth in a nation where the national slogan is Satyameva Jayate only truth shall be victorious? Some nuggets missed These stories from Mr. He promptly closed the bag and later bagged the ambassadorial assignment to an African country after liberally contributing to the funds of the Prime Minister and the union Minister of State malooy home Affairs….

They tend to burn their women and worship them as goddesses. Its all know yet it provides an in-depth view on how we destroyed NE. Not that the author exposes what must not be done, and he often enough makes it clear explicitly.

Spy versus saffron spy

Popular Tags gst gdp aap us corruption rahul-gandhi bjp donald-trump bollywood arvind-kejriwal congress cricket narendra-modi modi supreme-court featured delhi india china rbi featuredet pakistan arun-jaitley economy demonetisation. Of course the most horrifying disclosure comes at the end, shedding a very different light on a late prime minister of India who was known more for his learned persona than for a questionable act opeb any time.

They say that those who don’t learn from the history are doomed to repeat it and that’s the reason why every Indian should read this book. This book shouldn’t have been so long. With remote listening posts dhsr J Panjab episode was over explained, and many area author had reference of either past or future event which lead to confusion on chronology secreets events.


When a group kriishna distinctive features, customs, religion, language and everything else is completely alien to the ruler, the ruled will want freedom and liberty as it is but natural.

It’s hard to maintain the flow while reading as it has not been structured properly.

Open Secrets: India’s Intelligence Unveiled

Manas Publications- India – pages. They wanted the Union home ministry to initiate a criminal case against the Bombay Dyeing chief under the Passport Act. Dhar is a contradiction just like his faith but seccrets occasion does dharr out with sensible statements.

The common Hindu is too timid a creature to think for himself. Comprar nueva marca sueca de cuero hombres casuales zapatos zapatos a juego zapatos corrientes hombres zapatillas de alta calidad zapatos casuales hombres de shoes motorcycle fiable proveedores en God Blessing Fashion Store. Again Dhar admits the harsh realities of the Hindu faith he reveres and peels a few of the covers off the highly corrupt Indira Gandhi, the high priest of treachery and intrigue.

Also the backdrop of the communal conflagration that was sought to be created for the sake of electoral benefit and reached its shameful heights on Dec 6,the unprincipled jostling for power in the last four decades The Sikh Faith has rejected all the founding pillars of Brahminism outright.

So better use courtroom to bat for him. He makes a valid point.

To ask other readers questions about Open Secretsplease sign up. From around the web. The Governor of Punjab Sharma who died in a plane crash had over rupees 20 Crores [5 Million Dollars] stashed in his house.