View and Download LG KC user manual online. LG Phone. KC Cell Phone pdf manual download. Some of the contents in this manual may differ from your phone advanced and compact KC phone by LG, designed to LG KC | User Guide. Contents. lg kc manual guide – LG KC Renoir Cell Phone question.

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Some of the contents in this manual may differ from your phone depending on the software of the phone or your service provider. Congratulations on your purchase of the advanced and compact KC phone by LG, designed to operate with the latest digital mobile communication technology. Changing the common call setting. Transferring a file to your phone Adding a city to your world time Dials a phone number and answers incoming calls. To connect the USB cable, wait until the phone has powered up and has registered to the network.

Installing the USIM and battery Remove the battery cover Press and hold down the battery release button at the top of the phone and lift off the battery cover. Remove the battery Hold the top edge of the battery and lift it from the battery compartment using the battery cover. To remove the USIM card, pull it gently in the opposite direction.

Slide back the cover of the charger socket on the side of your KC Insert the charger and plug into a mains electricity socket. Memory card Installing a memory card You can expand the memory space available on your phone using a memory card.

The KC will support up to a 8GB memory card. A memory card is an optional accessory. Remove the battery cover as shown on page If your memory card has existing content on, it will automatically be filed in the correct folder, for example, videos will be stored in the My Videos folder.

From the Communicate tab, select Address book and choose Contact settings. Your home screen Whenever your KC is not in use it will return to your home screen. From here you can access all menu options, make a quick call and view the status of your phone – as well as many other things.

Touch to access the Messaging options menu. From here you can create a new SMS. To search for the number you want to call. The status bar The status bar uses various icons to indicate things like signal strength, new messages and battery life as well as telling you whether your Bluetooth or GPRS is active. Calls Making a call or video call Touch to open the keypad. Key in the number using the keypad. To delete a digit press the clear key.


Touch the hard key to initiate the call. To end the call press the hard key. When your phone rings press the hard key to answer the call.

Press renir hard key to reject an incoming call. To scroll through a list of options or your list of contacts, touch the last item visible and slide your finger up the screen. The list will move up so more items are visible. Speaker – Touch to turn on the speaker phone.

LG Renoir KC910 Manual and Updates

To call a speed dial number, touch from the home screen and hold the assigned number until the contact appears on screen. You can combine your calls by selecting Join. Check that your network provider supports conference calling. You will be charged for each call you make. Please contact your network provider for details. To turn off all call diverts, choose Deactivate all from the Call divert menu. Changing the common call settingselect Settings and Touch choose Call settings.

From here you can amend the settings for: Call reject – Slide the switch to highlight the Reject list. You can touch the text box to choose from all calls, specific contacts or groups, or those from unregistered numbers those not Changing your video call settingsselect Settings and Touch choose Call settings. Choose the settings for your video calling.

Contacts Searching for a contact There are two ways to search for a contact: From the home screen From the home screen to open the address book. Or, key in the number using the keypad. Touch or the to initiate the call. You can search by group by selecting Groups. You can create customised groups for your contacts, see Creating a group on page Choose to send as a Text message, Multimedia message, Email or via Bluetooth. Send message – Send a message to the contact.

Choose to do this one at a time, or all at once. Viewing information From the home screen and Infomation. From here you can view your Service dial numbers, your Own number, your Memory info.

There are two ways to enter the messaging centre: Touch from the Touch from the then select Communicate and choose New message.

Entering text There are five ways to enter text: Tap the screen once, then keyboard shows up. Touch to turn on T9 predictive text. You can choose writing languages. Tap to change numbers, symbols and texts keypad.


Select Screen or Box depending on your preferred view. Handwriting recognition translates stylus gestures into letters, numbers or other character, and displays these characters as lv. Handwriting recognition is only active where text can be entered.

Most letters can be written using different stroke styles.

SOLVED: Lg kc manual guide – Fixya

See the tables below. The position on the screen decides case, not the style. Mark Full stop Note: Start each stroke at the dot. Numbers Numbers are written above the arrow. Setting up your email You can stay in touch on the move using email on your KC To scroll through a list of options, touch the last item visible and slide your finger up the screen. Auto retrieve – Choose whether to retrieve your new emails automatically.

SMTP port number – Normally, this will be Touch then Select Mailbox. Touch the account you want to use then Choose Retrieve and your KC will connect to your email account and retrieve your new messages. Sending an email using your new account Touch in the Communicate menu and select Create new. Request reply Email – Choose whether to request read confirmation messages. Retrieve interval – Choose how often your KC checks for new email messages.

From here renour can view, delete and more, see Managing your messages below for details. Mailbox – All the emails you receive on renir KC will be placed in kc9100 mailbox. My Folders – Create folders to store your messages. Changing your text message settings Your KC message settings are pre-defined so that you can send messages immediately. Kc91 settings can be changed according to your preferences. To renoit through a list Changing your multimedia message settings Your KC message settings are pre-defined so that you can send messages immediately.

Voicemail – Touch new Voicemail service. Contact your network operator for more information on the service they provide. You can also set your message security by creating trusted and untrusted lists of senders.

Camera Taking a quick photo TIP! Renoiir camera lens has its own cover. Twist the cover open to use the camera and quickly open the viewfinder.

Press the key on the right side of the phone. You will be prompted to open the lens cover. Touch to renpir the photo you have just taken and confirm by touching Yes. Getting to know the viewfinder TIP!