From philosopher Leszek Kolakowski, one of the giants of twentieth-century intellectual history, comes this highly infuential study of Marxism. Written in exile, this. I did need to read Kolakowski. His ‘Main Currents of Marxism’ (translated by PS Falla) is not only a monumental intellectual history of Marxist. In some sense, Main Currents of Marxism represents the major life’s work of Leszek Kolakowski and the culmina- tion of the path that began much earlier, in the.

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So I guess I need to give him the benefit of the doubt and read him with an open mind. Rather surprisingly, he says nothing at all about Che Guevera’s concept of the ‘New Man’, nor anything on Fanon.

Its Rise, Growth and Dissolution”, Vols. So this can be used to throw poo on everyone who ever came in contact with Lukasz, too! The Best Books of Main Currents of Marxism is a brilliant, dazzling, monumental work, which shows how Marxism came about, from what philosophical schools it was spawned, the nature and impact of concomitant theories of socialism and socialist philosophy, and how Marxism and socialism fared when put into action as government policy in the former Soviet Union, the Warsaw Pact states, and China.

With the God of the Christians under assault from all sides, here was a rational religion that could be embraced with the fervor of the true believer, all the while backed by the impressive edifice of evidentiary support generated by the towering intellect of Marx and the deft and nuanced calculations of Engels. But Kolakowski reminds us of what Marxism became in the 20th-century and how easily what began as a call for justice became a system that destroyed tens of millions of lives and left eastern Europe and Russia in economic ruins.


Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. The countless examples of not only Lenin, but also Trotsky celebrating the stifling and dismantling of democracy both outside and within the party are a tough but necessary read for any who believe that all was fine from ”23 and only went wrong with Stalin’s consolidation of power.

Main Currents of Marxism

He reaffirmed the value of Marxism as an area of study despite the end of European communism, and suggested that a future revival of Marxism and communism, though far from certain, was still possible. This concludes with an intensive examination of the work and career of Lenin, who is presented as a mediocre thinker but an currents successful founder of the cult that founded the Soviet state.

This book summaries the antecedents, expressions of Marxism and Marxist thought in every variation imaginable, and they were legion. Kolakowski provides a very nice overview of the relevant Russian intellectual history leading up to a detailed discussion of various Russian Marxists. Towards the end Kolakowski performs an exegesis that postulates how the rather nebulous political underpinnings of Marxism would allow an adherent to steer the socialist ship towards a despotic berth; that its reliance on Current dialectic and the negation of negations would allow future scholars to create their own symbiosis of the Marxist tenets, taking them in unanticipated – but entirely foreseeable – and disastrous directions.

Main Currents of Marxism : Leszek Kolakowski :

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Main Currents of Marxism | W. W. Norton & Company

The Founders, the Golden Age, the Breakdown”. Looking for beautiful books?

Leszek Kolakowski – – Ethics 91 4: He covers Maoism at the very end whilst admitting that he is here out of his field of expertise. He now presents, for leszfk first time in one paperback volume, his definitive Main Currents of Marxism: K nails his colours to the mast in the 2 epilogues, and probably more so in the coruscating analysis of Maoism.

Sep 13, Warfawek rated it liked it. Kolakowski traces the intellectual foundations of Marxist thought from Plotonius through Lenin, Lukacs, Sartre and Mao. Indeed, given the subject matter, his lucidity is remarkable. Kolakowki Currents of Marxism Three Volumes.

Main Currents of Marxism : The Founders – The Golden Age – The Breakdown

Falla, was published in by Oxford University Press. His analysis of the Soviet dictatorship is particularly thought-provoking; he argues that “Stalinism” arose as the natural development of Leninism. Main Currents marxis, Marxism: Dec 28, Szplug rated it it was amazing.

So why do we as left wingers and even liberals run around and tear ourselves apart?