Leica TP V English – 12/ Always keep this manual near the instrument! Read carefully prior to operating the instrument! Leica TP Automatic. The Leica TP Tissue Processor offers you automation of fixation, dehydration and infiltration of histological tissue samples. Leica sets new standards in many fields of application with technically innovative in- struments for specimen preparation. The Leica TP is an automatic.

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We do the best to keep all of our inventory up to date online and are proud tp1002 be one of the few lab companies that keep an accurate inventory and list actual items we have in stock.

Should you have any questions, please let us know.

Gentle specimen processing and a high level of specimen safety at all stages of the processing run are supported by the robust design based on precision mechanics in conjunction with a modern user interface.

Standard tissue basket capacity. Leica RM Rotary Microtome.

Leica TP – Documents: Leica Biosystems

Please upgrade to a modern browser. You may also be interested in these articles Evaluating xylene-free processing for routine use.


However we may have more of the same item in stock or a similar item that may meet your needs. Back Cerebro Specimen Tracking System. The wax baths of this semi enclosed benchtop processor can be filled with either wax pellets or paraffin wax. Embedding cassettes leiac placed inside the tissue basket and moved from station to station, moved up and down while at each station to ensure proper agitation, and then pausing for 60 seconds to allow excess to drip off, minimizing carryover.

Leica TP Tissue Processor

Wax baths temperature range. Thermo Shandon ClearVue Coverslipper. Possible mechanical operation during lrica outages keeps specimens from drying out.

Back Pathology Leaders Articles Webinars.

Leica TP1020 Tissue Processor

The Leica TP tissue processor is available in four tp120 Programmable infiltration time per station. Variable workloads or cassettes processing at a time supports variable workloads. This tissue processor uses reagent stations, wax baths, along with fixatives, and alcohol for gentle specimen processing with a high level of specimen safety.

All of our lab equipment comes backed with our standard warranty. Evaluating xylene-free processing for routine use. In the event of a power failure, specimens within this automatic tissue processor are protected, even overnight, samples remain immersed in their station until power is restored and the process can resume.

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To use the quotation basket you have to enable JavaScript in you Web browser. This Leica TP Tissue Processor has been thoroughly inspected and the unit cycled and two parrafin containers both heated withouth issue. Leica TP Tissue Processor. Contact Us Your name. Item Sold Unfortunately this item has been sold. Aperio LV1 Learn more. You won’t be able to use the quotation basket until you enable cookies in your Web browser. The Leica TP Tissue Processor can handle a maximum of cassettes and is digitally controlled from the upfront display panel.

Your Web browser is no longer supported. The Leica TP Tissue Processor offers you automation of fixation, dehydration and infiltration of histological tissue samples. Operations are shown in real time, through a LCD screen, that lets users decide whether to operate manually or automatically. Mechanical operation Possible mechanical operation during power outages keeps specimens from drying leic. Please scroll oeica the bottom of the screen for similar items or feel free to browse our sight.