Pengaruh Faktor-Faktor Psikososial dan Insomnia terhadap Depresi pada Lansia di Kota Yogyakarta. Carla R. Marchira. Perpustakaan UGM, i-lib () Hubungan Antara Insomnia Dan Depresi Pada Lanjut Usia DiKecamatan Mergangsan Yogyakarta. Jurnal i-lib. PENGARUH SENAM LANSIA TERHADAP KUALITAS TIDUR PADA LANSIA YANG INSOMNIA.

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This research used a descriptive correlation design with cross sectional approach. Email the author Login required. One of the non pharmacologic therapy to reduce insomnia scale was massage therapy and warm water bath therapy. Purposive sampling method was used to select determine sample in this study. How to cite item. Article Tools Print this article.

The data was collected through questionnaires and was analyzed with Spearman Rank test rho. Many factors contributed to depression, among which are psychosocial factors i. The conclusion from this study is lavender aromatherapy group is more effective to reduce insomnia than group warm bath. Univariate analysis and multivariate stepwise logistic regression were used for this study. Test data normality using Shapiro Wilk and statistical tests using paired t-test and independent t-test.

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Insomnia is the oada to get enough sleep, and if not addressed will impact on the quality of life, productivity and safety, so it needs an effective treatment for reducing insomnia is by a hot bath and aromatherapy lavender. Elderly experience changes such as physical changes, psychological changes, mental changes and spiritual change. The aim of the research was to know the effectiveness of massage therapy and warm water bath therapy to reduce insomnia scale for old people in Panti Wredha Catur Nugraha Banyumas.


Hubungan Antara Insomnia Dan Depresi Pada Lanjut Usia DiKecamatan Mergangsan Yogyakarta

Inc, Washington DC, London. The study design was used quasy draft post experimentation with non equivalent control group design. Sample divided into two group, that was 6 respondents for massage therapy and 6 respondents for warm water bath therapy. There is a significant correlation padaa depression and insomnia on elderly people insoomnia Tresna Werdha Nirwana Puri Nursing Home Samarinda Downloads Download data is not yet available. Abstract Insomnia is one of sleep disturbance which often suffered in old people.

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Manfaat Aromaterapi Lavender Terhadap Penurunan Insomnia pada Lansia | Kusnanto | Jurnal Ners

The study was aimed to observe the influence of psychosocial factors psychosocial stressor, social support, and religious level and insomnia toward depression among elderly in Yogyakarta City. Social support is amongst the most important factors of depression among elderly in Yogyakarta City Keywords: Post a Comment Login required.

Article Metrics Abstract views: The result of Spearman Ranks Rho test showed correlation coefficient value of 0, with medium correlation strength and significance level 0.

Research conducted by using quasi experiment method with two group comparation pretest and posttest static design to 12 respondents that fulfilling of inclusive criterion. User Username Password Remember me. Landia number of samples of this study were 22 respondents were divided into 11 groups of respondents to a hot shower and 11 respondents to the group lavender aromatherapy.


This situation can lead to elderly often experience which further leads to sleep disorder such as insomnia. Vol 5 No 1 Degradation of body system function of old people influence the body stimulation of drug, so that handling of insomnia by non pharmacologic more suggest.

Email the author Login required. Email this article Login required. With stratified random sampling technique obtained 53 respondents. Insomnia scale was measured by using Pittsburgh Insomnia Rating Scale.

Wirasto, Sumarni DW Indonesia.

TRIAGE Jurnal Ilmu Keperawatan (Journal of Nursing Science)

For Elderly judnal the Tresna Werdha Nirwana Puri Nursing Home Samarinda, they are suggested to more doing activities like a physical activites,religion activities, and always think positively to reduce the level of depression and insomnia.

Mean age of respondent was Email this article Login required. The results showed that the average value of insomnia in a warm water bath group was 4, and lavender aromatherapy group is 6. The large number of elderly people has consequences jurna both phsycal and psychosocial aspect of life. About The Author Carla R. Even though depression among elderly is a common psychosociogeriatric problems, it needs to be taken seriously from the public health point of view.