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JSS (Revision No. 1) CONTENTS Srl. No. Page No. Appendix ‘L’ Format and Cover Page of Design Specification and Packaging Specification. JSS (Revis 29 JSS (Revision No. 1 FORMAT AND CONTENTS OF PACKAGING SPECIFICATION CONTENTS. JSS Binding data, Design Drawings and Technical documentation. Binding Drawing. The manufacturers shall submit “as built” drawings.

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By and large, the equipment should have components of indigenous make.

Ripple amplitude is the maximum absolute value of the difference between the steady state and the instantaneous DC voltage. The helo jws rectifier shall be provided with a remote starting panel along with following metering facility: Abnormal operation occurs when a malfunction or failure in the electric system has taken place and the protective devices of the system are operating to remove the malfunction or failure from the remainder of the system before the limits for abnormal operation are exceeded.

Rectifier and associated equipment is to be submitted for type testing within three months of the placement of order if not tested earlier by Director of Quality Assurance Navy. Powder coating shade of IS: Hand reset of the over current protection unit is to be provided.

naval headquarters directorate of electrical

Any deviation from the mentioned specifications will have to be brought to the notice of Naval Headquarters and approval to be taken for the same. Power supplies to control circuits are to be protected by fuse.


The voltage phase difference is kss difference in electrical degrees between the fundamental components of any two phase voltages taken at consecutive zero crossings traced in the negative to positive direction. With 10 s period: Sources of voltage modulation may include, but are not limited to, voltage regulation stability of the AC power source, generator speed variations.

Load unbalance for a three-phase load is the difference between the highest and lowest phase loads. A battery start of an auxiliary power unit. Peak AC voltage is the maximum absolute value of the instantaneous voltage.

Jss 01 Template

The 02551 AVR and OVPU are to be designed so that the voltage protection unit does not operate under any of the following conditions: No Cable Part No. The equipment must be designed so that the maximum permissible operating temperature of components is not exceeded during normal operating conditions in a maximum ambient temperature as specified in this specification.

The 0521 shall be capable of efficient and unrestricted operation without any deviation from its normal operating parameters under the following seaway conditions: The cable assemblies are to be duel extrusion insulated, manufactured and tested in accordance with NES All tallies and diagram plates shall be of anodized aluminium alloy.

The rectifier shall be manufactured to the following specifications: Mounting of Equipment The harmonic distortion of the input supply due to the design of the equipment, is to be no greater than the levels quoted in NES The equipment shall be tested in accordance with this specification in conjunction with NES for rectifier and NES for converters. Testing requirements at sea shall be defined in the trial programme for each ship.

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It shall withstand air contamination through oil, salt and other contaminants associated with the marine environment.

Over Voltage and Under Voltage. Short Circuit and Over current Protection As per section 11 of NES a itemised list of OBS, special tool and special test equipment, which will be supplied with the main equipment, is to be furnished along with the quotation for the main equipment. An external earthing terminal of brass jzs stainless steel is to be provided for converter and control panel.

Sustained overload capacity is not required. The helicopter starting system comprises of main equipment i. All parameters are to be checked after 45 minutes. Standard specification and grade of material of each component used to be indicated in the binding drawings.

The design is to be catered for the most adverse of the environmental and electrical conditions. The OBS and tools should include following: Recommendations for insurance hss of long lead items are also to be indicated. The equipment shall be provided with the following indications: Rectifier cells are to be mounted so that they may be removed from the front of the equipment without prior removal of other components.