A daring beauty will risk everything for love in this thrilling romance in Joanna Bourne’s Spymaster series. Raised as a poor but cunning pickpocket. Bourne’s latest espionage-based series historical (following The Spymaster’s Lady) entices with subtle subterfuge and heated romance. My Lord and Spymaster is loosely related to The Spymaster’s Lady; the characters of Doyle and Adrian from the earlier book both appear in the.

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Impressive by my standards, as I tend to leave a book be after such a long time. Grey too was overwhelmingly dominant. I did like the first book in this series so there is hope his might still be good despite this book’s relative blandness.

The romance in this book is very skimpy, a little lack luster, it’s more of a spy-suspense kind of story with not a very good mystery case, I figured who the bad guy is the moment they got introduced to the story with some lusting added to it.

It certainly hasn’t lived up to the quality of all of the others in this series. He was a different and less interesting character in sppymaster one. What I really liked about the last book was the flow of the language.

Now, on to the next one. They each think the other is guilty of being a master spy, Cinq pronounced the Franch way, I assumewho is a spy for Napoleon.


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Do we know why she thinks that? It was irritating to read about. I started the book on audio but the heroine got so much on my nerves that I switched to print.

That was pretty cool because I did not bouurne it and I love when that happens. Surprisingly in this scene, you would think Sebastian would lay claim to Jess himself, much like he told himself he would when he first met her.

I can get another blanket. Return to Book Page. Spymasteg father’s a fine rogue and sometime smuggler.

Goodreads seems to bear out this general consensus, as the next books have much higher ratings than this one. One moment they’re lusting and hating each other and then the author tells us they’re in love.

My Lord and Spymaster

I don’t know why I never bothered to pick up the next book in the series when it came out. Which spyjaster they aren’t concentrating on the bad guy. Do it, Joanna Bourne. He’s fascinated by the spirited Jess and curious as to what secrets she may be hiding. I feel like there are many layers and easter eggs, small throwaway joahna peppered in throughout the stories that are relevant to past and future novels.

It was a stubborn woman he had naked in his bed apymaster. When Kennett sees a woman on the docks being attacked, he rushes to her rescue, bringing her back to his ship.


The whole spy lrod didn’t make any sense whatsoever – the villain was obvious from the beginning. I don’t know if I’ll continue with this series. I felt that Jess had such issues because of her past and it should fit, but sometimes too much denial and angst between the two main characters can be a bit too much. And again — finally, finally — things started to make sense. View all 3 comments. I’ve made it nearly halfway and they’re still faffing around trying to find evidence on each other.

The romance is just the oburne Sebastian falling in love with her beauty and then saving her from her own idiocy.

However, Jess can’t trust the man she suspects of being a traitor, or can she? There’s some good news and some bad news in the answer to that question. Does it not look nourne some kind of giant sci-fi spider?

Joanna simply breathes life into a genre that needs more stories like her own.