Free download or read online a very distinguished Urdu novel “Jhootay Roop Ke Darshan” and enjoy a very romantic love story in the Urdu. Jhoote Roop Ke Darshan Novel Authored by Raja Anwar. Jhoote Roop Ke Darshan is a beautiful Urdu romantic novel which contains an. Read Online Jhootay Roop Kay Darshan PDF By Raja Anwar, Download Jhootay Roop Kay Darshan By Raja Anwar By Torrent,Rspk is giving you the facility to.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Eoop Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Dagshan Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. PaperbackGolden Jubilee Editionpages. Published by Jahangir Book Depot first published To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. How to read this book? Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

Mar 15, Rural Soul rated it it was amazing Shelves: Its been a year since you have gone back from Lahore. This is the day when you had left me and what amazing coincident that same day is the day you are going to be married. Its your marriage today. I thought, thought and thought that what should i present you at such joyful occasion? Me the empty handed philosopher, How can i have power to buy something good? My weird thoughts are my universe. My all property is my perception and my all wealth are some of these words I present you my Its been a year since you have gone back from Lahore.

I present you my all wealth in shape of this book on such joyful moment. Once you had said it by yourself that these letters should be published. It was your wish that people would know you from my reference. I made this come true for you. Now people will know you because of me. Will identify you by mentioning this book and they will judge by themselves either me tramp had the right to be alive as eoop loved you or You highborn had it who preferred wealth and status by rejecting love.

People will judge that who was right and wrong between us.

Jhootay Roop Kay Darshan

Still if we will die, this case will be kept going in court of people. People will keep giving their decision on it in every age. I firmly believe that this gift will be earshan to you.

You would be able to tell your friends with pride that a book has been written on you. Yeah its true that it doesn’t happen often that a pretty highborn is subject of a book. Thats why ladies from your class will see you with envious eye.


You will cash this book to your husband. You will be able to tell him jhoofay you rejected many for him. Its big difference between husband and lover. You have jhooyay “wife” so it will be disclosed very quickly to you.

But You will enslave him via this gift. And you will get old, When these enchanting eyes will turn into dark eye balls. When these black hair will turn into some gray bush.

Jhootay Roop Ke Darshan Pdf Urdu Novel Free Download – Kutubistan

When this beautiful body will be mistaken for ruines, will be occupied by autumns. When pretty black mole on your chin will changed into black stain and your face will be full of wrinkles, On that time this book will be only satisfaction for you. You will make it read and will listen by your granddaughters.

You will recall old times and will be ashamed, which is not i wish and expect. Your granddaughters will tell all people that how great you were. On that time i will be laid under a lot of mud, very far from your prayers and curses.

This book will bring happiness for you but admonition and lesson for mankind. After reading this book, No poor woodcutter will start saga of love with with a princes. Then there will be no tramp who will fall in the magic of you blue blooded. Then there will be no gypsy who will expect faithfulness from them who born in palaces None will repeat my mistake.

Will not fall in any trap Yes this book will save many of like me of coming age. Might graves would become wide open and corpses would come out along with coffins.

Jhootay Roop Kay Darshan / جھوٹے روپ کے درشن

Yet possible that i would be forced to drink the poison. Might my hands would be chopped or my tongue would be pulled from my mouth. Because i told the truth. A princess is tagged with a woodcutter like me and might it is contempt for walking dead community which is living on our flesh.

Kindly tell the creatures living in mighty palace kind tombs that i lifted the burden and loan of their injustice from centuries. This is first installment. I am guilty that i returned less for this time.

Jbootay will be decided between your and mine generations. Its one of those books that i always wanted to review. I wish i could write in Urdu as it actually was. It was first published somewhere in but still i can’t find any difference with society’s mindset reading it in for third time.

It was the last letter from the book and most realistic one. The sequence of the letters carries a story. The starting letters are by Author.


In the mid some letters are included by the mistress of the author which were originally written in English but are translated in Urdu for the book. The Last part consists on letters by Author. I don’t consider this book as collection of love letters as it’s very shallow category which doesn’t fit for this book. These letters are far different. These are more philosophical and Factual. They also have much data to understand Author’s political and revolutionary theories and beliefs.

The beauty of the book is that it portrays reality. Usually our Youth are intoxicated and poisoned with fantastic image of “falling in love” which doesn’t exist.

Darshsn the harsh reality we ignore that darsyan live in the society where common man to blue blooded, A voter to a Parliamentarian and a seller to consumer are all corrupt. In such scenario you can’t expect to find people who are men of their words. The materialism can’t allow people to Sacrifice something for their forbidden love.

It’s very hard to defeat and cross the custom of classes though we live in Islamic country and Our teachings tell us that nobody is superior than anyone. But the hard part is to implement it on ourselves. Anyone who’s suffering from the love fever should read this book.

It’s better guide than listening your parents advice because you don’t listen them.

Anyone who’s been wounded by such experience where he or she hardly digested the class difference mumbo jumbo should read it as this is the real life. It’s one my most favourite book which was suggested by one of my factory colleague. View all 5 comments.

This is one of book that I will read again and again until I will absorb word by dwrshan into myself. I love Kanwal darsjan, at the same time, I feel I hate her. My feelings are somewhere in between.

E-Books for Download: Jhootay Roop Ke Darshan by Raja Anwar

The book is full of Letters, Raja is the main character, who write letters to her Mehbooba Kanwal All letters are written by Raja, that he send to Kanwal, in the end, there are some letters by Kanwal also This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. Anas Arain rated it really liked it Jul 02, Ad Khan rated it it was amazing Jun 14, Samreen Noshahi rated it it was amazing Mar 29, Muhammad Faizan rated it it was amazing May 16,