JASO D001-94 PDF

JASO D General Rules of Environmental Testing Methods for Automotive Revision: Edition, ; Published Date: January ; Status: Not Active, . simulate this condition include the U.S.’s ISO pulse 1 and 3a, and Japan’s JASO D, standard type B and E. Each peak voltage for these tests is. The MPG S21 has a built-in battery switch to interrupt the DC supply voltage and is specifically designed for JASO. D, test pulses E1 and E2.

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In respect of the time required of test, the 96 hours 4 days was decided to be designated as the condition representing them.

Raytac Module MDBT40/MDBT40-P Certified Automotive Standard JASO D001-94

Jxso value of – 8OV – 40V transient voltage: As agreed between the persons concerned. For the latter, however, the conducted electromagnetic test method given in 5. WR 4R Maximum value of transient voltage: The test results are proper to the set jawo conditions, and it is difficult to evaluate as normal characteristics of a specimen.

Electronic fuel injection system, electronic ignition control system, etc. It shall be confirmed and recorded whether any abnormity is available or not. Any test specimen shall be operated after the power supply device, dd001-94 device and loading devices have been connected therewith, the operation of which shall be monitored by means with a proper monitoring equipment.

According to the previous provision, a resistance of 2 ohms or diode had been required to be inserted in the transient voltage generating circuit of the power supply system between the power source and the test specimen. As for the intensity of interference electromagnetic field to be impressed in the test, the numerical values of 0. Lower the temperature gradually, when the temperature has reached to – 30 O Ckeep the equipment for 1 f 0. Appearance and other iaso o the f equipment at that time shall also be confirmed.

It was also decided that should it be essentially required to do so, the testing conditions testing d01-94, cycling etc. Equipment installed outside the vehicle other than class 4.

B-2 is a test against the transient voltage which generates when the induction loads relay, solenoid, etc. Then operate the test specimen under the same condition for 94 -t 2 hours. Results of jask study on charged electrostatic voltages of line workers of the automobile manufacturer in winter Fig.


JASO D001-94

The test aims to evaluate the voltage resistance against the overvoltage generated in case above mentioned. B-1 is a test against the transient voltage discharged from the field coil to the loading side when the ignition switch is opened in the 12V system. In respect of voltage application at the test in Type B and Type E, jazo the frequency of occurrence thereof is remarkably high as compared with the load damp subject to Type A and Type D, the opinion offered was accepted, under which it should be necessary for voltage to d001-94 applied more frequently to a considerable high extent.

When establishing the provision for the standard, only open circuit was assumed, because the duration of transient voltage tends to prolong significantly when the ignition circuit is opened as compared with the case where the circuit is closed. Classification of tests The classification of tests shall be in accordance with Table.

I btl Measureing instrument Loading Input device where, Low frequency oscillar: Core shall not be saturated.

In case of the JIS Dsince depending on the place of the parts where to be installed, the applicable testing condition shall be selected, should the place have already been known, the test may be carried out in accordance with JIS D In case of the equipment, the heat mass jjaso which are utmost high, the duration of time for holding at low temperature and the time required of release in constant temperature and humidity chamber may be optionally fixed in accordance v001-94 the agreement made between the persons concerned.

Impressing may be done not only between the earth terminal and all other terminals but also, if necessary, between each terminal and the case, and in particular case test conditions test voltage, applying period, number Equipment subject to electrostatic test Although kinds of equipment subject to Type A through Type C electrostatic tests are basically left to the agreement between the perties concerned, some examples are given in Explanatory Table 2 for reference taking account of the degree of effects on the vehicle when the equipment have occurred abnormalities.

I After keeping the test specimen for 1. Any equipment installed under the spring of suspension system and any equipment installed on engine, the vibration of which is relatively high. Input device s and loading device s.

Particularly, strong electromagnetic fields that occur near radio transmission facilities represented by broadcasting stations, those which generated around the vehicle body by the operation on board radio of transmitter represented by transceiver, and troubles caused by interferences resulted from high frequency voltages, etc.


The test specimen shall be operated under the test voltage having been applied thereto, after the operation of test specimen is stabilized, output of power source micro interruption equipment shall be micro interrupted and whether any abnormity exist or not of specimen shall be confirmed and recorded.

Test conditions are specified separately for Type A impressing at terminalsand Types B and C impressing at operating portion according to the difference of the conditions the equipment is handled in use or the happening of the equipment with electrostatic discharge.

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The same as shown in Fig. Decaying time constant Time jxso until the voltage decays to Ammeter The accuracy shall be in class equal to or higher than 0. As for the high output transmitter for the test, it is considered convenient to use the transmitters with frequency bands for amatures 1. The additional operations shall be carried out subsequent thereto as specified hereunder.: To measure the electric field strength by installing an EM1 meter or spectrum analyzer at the location of the test specimen: Exponential function type decaying positive polarity transient voltage Type B and Type E: Regardless of this provision, this test may not be d001-4 out subject to the test required under 5.

COQ 2R Maximum value of transient voltage: In addition, a range of – 20 “C and – jso “C has been specified. Experimentally, it has been verified that under such condition, almost all the equipment e001-94 come to be dewed from the state of frost.

Frequency of repetition Ri: Progressed with a great variety of electronic devices in recent years, such equipments have increased that give and receive information with drivers through switches, keyboards or visual displays.

However, since the JIS C was abolished after the JIS C and C coordinated with IEC and had been enacted, it was decided to review the standards and code d001-49 be referred therein and to describe the operations required of the test concretely.