Time, the fundamental dimension of our existence, has fascinated artists, philosophers, and scientists of every culture and every century. All of us can remember. The End of Certainty.: Time, Chaos and the New Laws of Nature Written by Ilya Prigogine (New York: The Free Press, , pages). Reviewed by Sally. Viscount Ilya Romanovich Prigogine was a physical chemist and Nobel laureate noted for his work on dissipative structures.

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Looking for beautiful books? Prigogine and coworkers proposed a Liouville space extension of quantum mechanics. Just because we’ve made the most progress in understanding equilibrium processes and linear systems, we must ens forgot that we bask in the massive energy flow of a star, far from equilibrium, and all of our attempts to understand nature happen in the thermodynamic limit.

It is not exactly a light read, but well worth the time. To ask other readers questions og The End of Certaintyplease sign up.

Ilya Prigogine – Wikiquote

Stresses applied to systems at or near thd lead to fluctuations that are damped. The fathers of statistical physics: Thanks for telling us about the problem.

It is tempting to speculate that the total energy of the universe could be zero, as is the energy of an empty universe. We therefore begin to perceive the origin en the variety in nature we observe around us. Description Time, the fundamental dimension of our existence, has fascinated artists, philosophers, and scientists of every culture and every century.


Journal of Applied Physiology. Oliver Sacks “Prigogine is a pioneer of chaos and self-organization theory, and his vision is as revolutionary and fundamental as Darwin’s. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Finally he rescues some essential aspects of nature, namely the Time, Memory a On a scientific philosophical scale, Prigogine accomplishes what Whitehead or Bergson could not. Prigogine believes that theologies centered on God as the governor of the universe are just another form of determinism.

Archived from the original on 5 October Howevera far from-equilibrium system may evolve spontaneously to a state of increased complexit y. Today, the situation has changed significantly in the sense that the more we know about our universe, the more difficult it becomes to believe in determinism NOTE: Because the family was critical of the new Soviet systemthey left Russia in Over the past several decades, a new science has been born, the physics of non-equilibrium processes, and has led to concepts such as self-organization and dissipative structures.

The End of Certainty

Apr 12, Gordon Wells added it. At least the book is extensively footnoted, so one could presumably follow up on the references and educate oneself Instead, due to sensitivity prgogine initial conditions, unstable systems can only be explained statistically, that is, in terms of probability. Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more.


The big bang would thus be associated with fluctuations in the vacuum conserving the certainyt. Arthur Stanley Eddington called entropy the arrow of time.

Time-old questions that have occupied the human mind since the time of the Pre-Socratics years pigogine. These concepts are now applied to a wide group of problems in biology, sociology, and economics at interdisciplinary centers throughout the world.

This is true but only within the confines of classical Newtonian dynamics, relativity and quantum physics which do not distinguish between past and future.

He argues at length for the necessity of an arrow of time to account for time-irreversible processes studied in thermodynamics.

Neve Time, the fundamental dimension of our existence, has fascinated artists, philosophers, and scientists of every culture and every century.

The End of Certainty : Time, Chaos and the New Laws of Nature

Uncertainty is a thing to be celebrated. Prigogine has tried to follow a narrow path between two conceptions that both lead to alienation: Lists with This Book. The maintenance of order in nature is maintained by self-organization. Chance or probability is now a part of rhe new, extended rationality.