Ihtijaj (Argumentation) [Abu Mansur Ahmad Tabarsi, Saiyyed Amir Husayn Sarkishian] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In the introduction. Al–Ihtijaj by Allama Abu Mansur Ahmad Tibrisi Vol Uploaded by Syed Naqvi. Islamic Urdu Book. Copyright: Attribution Non-Commercial (BY-NC). Download. Al-Tabarsi and the Distortion of the Qur’an. Al-Tabarsi mentions in his book al- Ihtijaj (vol. 1 pg. ) while discussing the argument of Amir al-Mu’minin `Ali radiya Llahu `anhu.

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He says in volume 1 pgs. So the happy ones observe them and recognize them the arguments whereas the evil ones do not pay attention, and the ones whom Allah grants no light, they have no light.

His own words after having written the book clarify tbaarsi his views were and what his argument in the book is. Any one who claims it to be otherwise is an evil-doer, a mere sophist, or else he is sadly mistaken. I have seen all Shias are in agreement that whoever would accuse Ahlalbayt in deficiency – is kaafir. The Translations A note needs to be added about the method of translation.

al-Tabrasi author of al-Ihtijaj and Tahreef

It includes prayers to be recited daily, prayers for special occasions such as religious holidays and days of mourning, litanies and invocations for different moments in one’s life, instructions for making a pilgrimage to the tomb of the Prophet or any twbarsi of the Imams and prayers for every other conceivable occasion as well.

Nevertheless, the secondary aspects are clearly reflected in ‘Ali’s “Instructions to Malik al-Ashtar” and to a lesser degree in the prayers.


Because no proofs for this available. As examples, we can mention a few of the works from which he derived the hadith s in the present collection, works which have been independently published in modern times.

Al-Ihtijaj (book)

Hasan al-Tabrisithe author of Majma’ al-bayan. What do you know about shaykh Noori Tabarsi?

Written sources of the 12th century Works on Islamic theology Hadith literature. In the introduction of the book the author writes: So be patient, O Muhammadas were those of determination among the messengers. Posted October 13, edited.

All he believed was that some verses are missing like if someone believed the Imams or the Prophet intijaj forget at times. Sign up for a new account in our community. Do we honor Bible or Torah? You believe that drinking wine is something not suitable for masoom.

He wrote in refutation of fabarsi Khitab” of our shaykh an-Noori. Not sure what relevance rejecting a verse from the Qur’an has to do with considering certain verses absent from the current codex. They also believe that Islamic values did not receive its share of being implemented, and practical demonstration of the basic principles of Islam was not achieved.

June 25, In such verses and others like them we see the signs of what the hypocrites did to the Qur’anthe disbelievers and enemies of Islam used such verses to attack the Qur’an, and if I were to explain to you O reader everything that was erased and tavarsi and altered similar to the above, then it will take a long time, and a lot of what Taqiyyah hides would be exposed from the virtues of the Awliya’ ie Imams and the sins of their enemies.


In short, collections of hadith s in Rabarsi Islam, such as those of al-Bukhari and Muslim, contain only sayings transmitted from and about the Prophet. Surely We have revealed the Reminder ihtiijaj We will most surely be its guardian Or to those who came after and tried their best to find excuses for him?

Can we a little bit elaborate on underlined part. Question to ihtjjaj knowledgeable shia members of this forum. Therefore He resorted to these inferences and made their hearts and eyes blind to them, because of the negligence they would perpetrate and so forth.

Allah did this since He knew what those men would do to his Book, such as removing the names of his proofs ie ImamsHe knew how they’d conceal these matters from the nation and turn the people to their own side, so they may aid them in their evil.


Noori Tabarsi and his Book – Shia/Sunni Dialogue –

To sit on your right and your left in separate groups? Israr Ahmedand was quoting from their own works of history, this does not prove that the person is a Nasibi. The apparent meaning is:. When in fact his view was simply that there are certain verses missing he didn’t claim to know which verses or what they were, but that we know generally speaking that something is missing.