This document discusses an issue where *AFPDS spooled files go to HLD (Held) status with message CPI “Writer &1 cannot re-direct file. The Advance Function Presentation data stream is now an open architecture managed by the AFP Consortium. Replacement products, which. Receiving resources and AFPDS data sent to network files Specifying AFP resources Specifying a form definition

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Select Option 23 Work with page segments. Contact and feedback Need support? Select Option 22 Work with overlays. Try to use another application if possible.

One of the more notable features of AFP printers is that output data can be placed at inm addressable point on a page. Many of the page elements you can use with AFP are special objects called resources. On the next screen you will be prompted to select the Manufacturer and Printer driver name.

Overview of AFP printing

When the Add Printer Wizard pops up, click Next. Save time by leaving this set to On. The first specifications and products go back to None of the above, continue with my search.

June Learn how and when to remove this template message. In February the AFPC was incorporated under a new set of bylaws with tiered membership and shared governance resulting in the creation of a formal open standards body called AFP Consortium Inc. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. This is called all points addressability. Reports the status of a printer to the system operator.


PSF accepts various data streams, transforms these data streams into the data stream required by each printer, and then transmits the data to the printer. Once the Import dialog box has disappeared, verify that the object has been created.

In addition, PSF does the following: If you are designing a logo, keep the following in mind. Remember that page segments do not really relate to page margins.

Overview of AFP printing

To begin the FTP, do the following: If you are creating an overlay that will printing on 8. If Print Text as Graphics is set to On, any text included in your overlay or Page Segment will be converted to an image. IBM i Print Software version: Overview of AFP printing AFP is an architecture-based system of hardware and software for creating, formatting, viewing, retrieving, printing, and distributing information using a wide variety of printer and display devices.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. AFP applications allow users or print room operators to distribute print jobs among a group of printers and to designate backup printers when one fails.

If you are creating a page segment, ensure that you select the Output Type of page segment and then click Clip Limits to bring up those options as well. Using AFP, users can control formatting, the form of paper output, whether a document is to be printed or viewed online, and manage document storage and access in a distributed network across multiple operating system platforms. The Clip Limits are really specifying that the AFP driver is selectively choosing which portion of the printed document or image will be used as the page segment.


This article needs additional citations for verification. In AFP, page elements such as text, images, bar codes, page segments, and overlays, can be specified in any order at any position in the page.

Advanced Function Presentation

Afpfs will cause your overlays and page segments to position incorrectly or be clipped. If you leave it at Document it will not work.

AFP was originally developed by IBM as a general purpose document and information presentation architecture, originally called Advanced Function Printing. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Ibj more information on using the AFP printer driver to create color overlays, please refer to the following document: The output queue prompt should be set to the name of an output queue where the spooled file is to be created. At the DOS prompt, type the following: If you wish to create as high quality an image as possible, make your input image match the resolution of your AFP driver.

The Help dialog boxes will help you decide how to best clip your image. Document information Apds support for: