I Too Had a Dream has ratings and reviews. Komal said: Life’s Battles do not always go to the faster or stronger man, in the end the man who w. 45 quotes from I Too Had a Dream: ‘a person who does not have respect for time, and does not have a sense of timing, can achieve little.’. The book begins with the background of Dr Kurien. It also briefly tells how a sleepy and dusty little down transformed itself into the Milk Capital.

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Upload Photos Upload photo files with. His ideas go through waves of acceptance and reluctance by officials and ends up being a superb verhgese yet to be implemented. The co-operative structure is a hit worldwide in agri sector due to the spread out structure of the producers farmers drsam the government vetghese let the farmers run them instead of using them as simply power bases with huge interference via bureaucrats and compliance norms.

The readability of this book book is good and written in such a way that each page gives inspiration to the reader. Verghese Kurien, the positive story of Kurien, who, like so many other Indian graduates, ends up in a job unrelated to his studies, takes up the challenges unsuspecting of the fact that he could become the father of the Indian white revolution.

We get insights into the early career of Dr Kurein, his chance involvement in milk and the setting up of his base in Anand to lead the milk movement amidst teething issues and clever strategies to overcome them. This is one of the best memoirs I have ever read. When Minoo sold the dairy to the Marwari gentleman who bought it only for its real estate valuethe first thing the Marwari did was to order the bust of Pestonjee, which graced the entrance, to be removed and thrown out. Feb 13, Ishwar Gupta rated it it was amazing.

The legitimate amount of Rs 17 lakh went to Polson Ltd, while it is said that the under-the-table amount went into the Devakaran Nangi Trust which later went broke. Polson, another dairy product manufacturer, very meticulously to bring Amul to new height. Feb 14, Komal rated it it was amazing. Kurien has revolutionized the whole rural sector of our country by empowering the villagers and bringing them together to create one of the biggest profitable cooperative union in the world namely- Kaira District Co-operative Milk Producers’ Union, commonly known as AMUL.

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Kurien involved himself with the cause of the Kaira milk cooperative. Aug 28, Swati Agrawal rated it it was amazing. Initially, the author tells us that he didn’t want to head farmers but the destiny and events made him to choose this job. Kurien was absolutely against imported dairy products as he wanted to make India self sufficient in dairy products with the empowerment of farmers in democratic way.

This book is a must read for all ages from students to individuals in the corporate world. Oct 03, Gomathy rated it it was amazing. Bureaucracies do not exist only in government. Dara Khurody, the Milk Commissioner of Bombay, was displeased with the fluctuation in supply and decided that we must send the same amount of milk the year round.

I Too Had a Dream Quotes

Kurien thought that Amul is beyond just milk products. The book also painted a somewhat rosy picture of our political and bureaucratic structure and makes you believe that people like TT Krishnamachari, C. Throughout this book, you come across most of the iconic prime ministers of India, the political scenario back in the early India days, and also some of the British India bureaucrats and systems in place.

This book explain how to dream and how to achieve what he aspires and turn the tides in your favor with belief of simple senten However, his brilliant accomplishments as an incorruptible technocrat and manager garnered him great support from the upper echelons of India’s political leadership.

The astutue ways in which kjrien Best of all non fiction books I read this year. Thank you for sharing the requirements with us. It blew my mind reading through the ingenious idea of Operation Flood by selling the donated Dairy products. Upload Menus Upload s files with.


Quotes from “I too had a dream”, by Verghese Kurien

Search the product to add. It also narrates how in times of difficulties, some important people were key in the sustainability of the project. It is an age when one believes nothing is impossible and one is ready to take on challenges. Kurien was impressed by the integrity and commitment by Patel and his vi This book is about the revolution in milk production in Ukrien brought about by Dr.

I Too Had a Dream by Verghese Kurien

Xream stories in inefficient bureaucracy and politicking which Dr Kurien manages are instructive. An epic narration of how erudite but alienated Malyali christian from far-fetched lands in entire untoward serendipity lands upon government’s shoddy dairy in remote rural Hindu heartland of Kaira district in Gujarat and transforms it to world’s largest co-operative milk procurement,marketing and distribution network, we now proudly call AMUL.

The presentation was well appreciated and he convinced the gathering that the food aid would be handled differently and would not satisfy the political needs. He clearly expresses the amount of respect he has for his seniors and the people who allowed him to work his way. In those days, however much milk was produced, veghese had to send it all to Bombay or it would spoil and be lost. He came a second time, again offering to sell. haad

One drema the finest books to comprehend the essence of democracy, to know its not a fault of the democracy as a system, the fault lies in us? Multinationals were also playing all their might to avoid any such cooperative model coming up anywhere.

This led to his falling out with those whom he had chosen to carry on the work. I would recommend to all those who are interested to find the details of White Revolution or Operation Flood.