Power max (kW) Power transferred to the water (kW) Efficiency (%) Consumption min-max. (kg/h) 4,,2. CPower consumption (W) Bronpi “Hydro Confort” 23kW is one of the newest models from spanish pallet ( max-min): 23 kW – 5kW; Useful heat output: 20 kW; Efficiency factor: %. FRISQUET OPTIMAL® Specially designed for power levels of kW, 14 kg of .. Condensing HYDROCONFORT PRESTIGE Condensing • HYDROMOTRIX.

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Granulu apkures katls BRONPI HydroConfort 23kw

gydroconfort These do not have to be set again. As a boiler operates over a year, a thin layer of scale inevitably builds up on the heat exangers, but this does not have the same impact on a FRISQUET boiler. It is authorised to run its own certification tests, which are then validated by an independent, approved laboratory. Gefest Profi S Boiler.

Measurement, analyses and tools. Hand protection Industrial safety: Orifice plate – monobloc. It is useful when the characteristics of the dwelling require it; for underfloor heating, for instance, the outdoor temperature has to be taken into account.


On a tubular heat exchanger, whether spiral-wound flat tubes or in fins, the channels through which hydrocpnfort burnt gases pass have to be between 1 and 1.

gas boiler / wall-mounted / low-temperature HYDROCONFORT EVOLUTION: 25 kW | Contact FRISQUET

Your answer to the rating from. It leads to excessive energy consumption, temperatures rising too sharply and expansion noise and it reduces the operation in condensation mode through the time taken for the controller to restore the balance.

Gas Mixers in Laser Technology. Electric boiler Boiler fuel Gas boiler Steam boiler. Orifice plates for differential pressure flow measurement. It is easy to integrate, because of its compact size and neat design.

Delivery is carried out till home door by Your specified adress and in Your available time. Self-Aligning pedestal and flange bearing housing: Folding box with attached lid on the long side: Adjustable, with a full, factory-fitted gydroconfort so it can be adapted to suit requirements, the mixed-version PRESTIGE condensing boiler offers high quality hot water at a standard output rate of LPG forklift – Pro 5 series – 4.

Gas boiler / wall-mounted / condensing HYDROCONFORT: kW | Contact FRISQUET

Our product selection APRS: Self-Aligning pedestal and flange bearing housing: These analyses and adjustments are complicated and time-consuming. This high-tech control facility is provided as standard with the boiler. Using these, you accept hydroxonfort use of cookies. This assembly gives remarkable levels of performance: Signaling reel with band. Orifice plate – monobloc. Safety and security Industrial safety: Continual unit and factory testing Our production plant is in Meaux France.

  BS 8118-1 PDF

Demand for innovation, secondly, because we continuously aim to increase the safety and convenience of our boilers. It sends the information back to the boiler by radio, with no interference. You must also include the costs relating to maintenance. Flow controller for gas.

An exclusive, CE-certified system solution. Short, blue flame – at full power, the high-temperature flame is short and burns blue; at full power – during modulation, you will detect infrared radiation.

Our solar UPECs are designed to be connected directly. This extra flow rate provides additional comfort for 1. To access specific settings: