HIRURGIJA: udžbenik za medicinare i lekare. [Sava Petković; Stanislav Publisher: Beograd ; Zagreb: Medicinska knjiga, Edition/Format: Print book . Hirurgija: udžbenik za medicinare i lekare. [Savo Petković; Stanislav Publisher : Beograd ; Zagreb: Medicinska knjiga, Edition/Format: Print book. Get this from a library! Hirurgija: za III razred srednjeg usmjerenog vaspitanja i obrazovanja-zdravstvene struke. [Esad Drino].

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It begins with an overview of basic fat anatomy and physiology as an important introduction to this topic.

Operativna hirurgija – Google Books

Opening chapters cover the cosmetic patient consultation and guidelines for local anaesthesia in the use of injectable fillers, followed by individual chapters on:. Learn the beauty and skin care secrets of the stars!

Extensively illustrated in color, An Atlas of Breast Disease provides basic knowledge on anatomy, pathology, and the role of the primary care provider in breast care. Potential complications are discussed, with advice on how to avoid and treat them, and due attention is paid to psychological problems.

There are kjniga variations of suture lift procedures presented to allow the physician to decide which is best. The goal of breast reconstruction is to restore the appearance of the breast and to improve a woman’s psychological health after cancer treatment. With almost colour images and illustrations, this comprehensive manual is the official textbook of the ACS I Association of Cutaneous Surgeons India. Cosmetic, oncology, and reconstructive procedures are being performed by primary care physicians and a variety of specialists in different disciplines such as dermatology, plastic surgery, ophthalmology, and otolaryngology.

Each chapter concludes with a detailed photographic case report illustrating pertinent procedure specifics such as locations for incisions, anatomical planes of dissection, key steps in the procedure, radiographs findings and pre- and postoperative photographs.


The descriptions of procedures are completely up to date, encompassing newly introduced techniques and recent modifications hirugrija established techniques.

Hirurgija, opšte

Therapeutic Uses of Botulinum Toxin outlines and examines our current understanding of botulinum toxin and its various therapeutic applications. An appendix with useful clinical rating scales is also included. Accessible yet sophisticated book explains cosmetic procedures in different cultures and the reasons for going through with them. Sunlight and gravity cause facial aging. The second edition of this acclaimed text has been revised to ensure the reader has a clear guide hirurgijq the latest refinements, but can also easily locate the practical treatment parameters for each device.

Complete with detailed illustrations throughout, Aesthetic Rejuvenation covers the most popular techniques in cosmetic dermatology, including:. The book will permit the reader to gain a complete appreciation of the broad spectrum of problems in the craniomaxillofacial region that may be addressed by a variety of clinicians with subanatomic specializations.

It contains a step-by-step surgical approach, how to best select the right surgical candidates, how to treat this kjniga group of patients, the sexual issues involved, how to individualize techniques for each specific patient, how to deal with criticism from colleagues or journalists, psychosexual issues, and patient protection.

Data STATUS | Hirurgija, opšte

Also included are the more advanced indications, such as facial asymmetries, Btx-A lifting and microinjection techniques. Putterman’s masterful work has helped thousands of practitioners expand their repertoire of aesthetic periorbital and facial hirurvija techniques.

Aesthetic Surgery of the Abdominal Wall. Herbal and vitamin therapies.


The injection of cosmetic neurotoxins and fillers is a multi-billion dollar industry in which facial plastic surgeons, plastic surgeons, dermatologists, oculoplastic surgeons, knijga paraprofessionals in the U. Praise for this book: Lasers and photodynamic light therapy.

The information in Beauty in Balance will help you keep your goals realistic and prepare your mind and body to achieve a more beautiful you. Master Techniques in General Surgery: Lasers enable safe and predictable resurfacing to smooth facial wrinkles as well as surgery to remove aging tissue from eyelids while minimizing bruising. Management of both reconstructive and aesthetic surgery of the breast involves a myriad of options.

Clinicians across a wide variety of disciplines will refer to this comprehensive reference time and time again.

Jones reviews the advantages and disadvantages of each filler according to anatomical application. As the number of cutaneous surgery procedures rises, so will the rate of complications, which are inevitable and occur even hirudgija the most skilled and meticulous surgeons.

This book is a timely publication capturing recent hirurgkja in the fields of oncoplastic surgery and whole breast reconstruction.

It includes clinical entities that help complete a section or because the lack of gender difference makes the clinical presentation significant. The extensive section on aesthetic procedures includes many important innovations in abdominoplasty.

New illustrations show the surgical anatomy of endoscopic approaches and recently developed procedures, including the SOOF lift.