Get sleep survival tips in this Q&A with Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child author, doctor and preeminent sleep guru, Marc Weissbluth. One of the country’s leading researchers updates his revolutionary approach to solving–and preventing–your children’s sleep problems. Here Dr. Marc. A leading pediatrician outlines his groundbreaking, step-by-step program to help parents ensure a good night’s sleep for their children by working with their.

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I never thought I would be one of those people writing the glowing reviews of my reformed problem sleeper but here I am!

Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child : Marc Weissbluth :

I have mixed feeling about this book, but overall it is fabulous and I’m very glad that I read it. Once I revisited the appropriate section that had not been applicable at all to us bef How you rate this book will depend upon your need. Now she’s 3 and still goes to bed by 7: The author even recommends reading this book more as a reference – only reading the parts you need at that particular time. He also has no issue with co-sleeping — he thinks you have to find whatever sleeping situation works best for your family.

If he cries I respond.

I will say however, I do not follow the cry it out advice. Do bodily excretions have nationalities? Weissbluth is a trusted resource and adviser. Like many first-time parents, I started off pretty darn ignorant.

It’s very redundant and honestly, could be boiled down to perhaps three hablts. This book provides some idea of what sleep patterns may look like for your baby but it also provides fuel for the longest guilt trip you will take as a parent. Aug 23, Hannah rated it liked it Shelves: Feb 19, Alissa rated it really liked it Recommends it for: I couldn’t put her down in her crib chlid her waking up and screaming.

I became a miserable being surviving on almost hbits sleep and lots of frustration. I read this book on the recommendation of several people and many mommies swear by it. View all 4 comments. New and expecting moms. No doubt it stems from the ‘me’ generation’s philosophy that a baby should not be allowed to interfere with your lifestyle.


My library Help Advanced Book Search. Jul 22, Lianne rated it it was amazing. His argument is that it’s a different process to fall asleep versus wake up. Trying to do a sleep madc AND stop nursing before sleep was too much for my baby.

Instead we focus on: Why children need sleep and the data that backs it up. The book is a little hard to navigate, but there is some really helpful information in here. Because this has been recommended to me so much and because I got a free copy I am trying to be humble enough to finish it. This book is really flawed, I can’t get away from that. Could it not possibly be that the same factors interfering with day sleep are still at play with night sleep? Sep 30, Jessimc rated it it was ok.

I never read it since our previous foster children didn’t seem to have sleep issues. Account Options Sign in.

Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child: Our Review

I’m sure this book has helped a helthy of people, and even I got some good stuff out of it, but He also places blame directly and unabashedly on the parent’s shoulders for any sleep issues the child has, exacerbating the anxiety you feel over this unknown perfect sleep moment you should be looking for. The slfep are fairly sound and it is helping me get my 3 month on a napping schedule that will help him grow and be happy.

Also, it’s almost li First off, let me say that I didn’t actually soeep this book cover to cover. I almost drove myself crazy cataloguing nap times and wake times, convinced that the right combination would yield the ever elusive 12 hour sleep stretch. The single best sleep book! Is it worth buying macr reading cover-to-cover? When I get the pared down version from her, I’ll post the important page numbers here. What do you do if your child hapyp totally motor oriented and therefore a restless sleeper as she has learned to crawl and pull her habtis up and creep along all before 7 months!


It is just full of good information about sleep development. But the way he expresses himself almost drives me crazy! He wanders from topic to topic in such a way that I wonder if he had an editor. I was a golden convert to CIO when it worked wonderfully for my month-old oldest. For some of you reading this, the answers to your sleep challenges will weissbluh in a book.

If you are a sleep deprived parent trying to find answers, look elsewhere lest you lose more sleep trying to read through verbose chapters and then squand This book provides some idea of what sleep patterns may look like for your baby but it also provides fuel for the longest guilt trip you will take as a parent. It was comforting that Weissbluth offered “let cry,” “maybe cry,” and “no cry” solutions to sleep problems, reminding us that each approach will eventually yield the same result as long as it is used consistently.

Now, I often refer to the book’s month by month guide on how parents can help their children establish healthy s Although the writing feels wleep and hodgepodge-y throughout, Weissbluth provides concrete information and advice on how to help your child sleep well, especially for first-time parents. I wish you the best of luck. At least I’m guessing that’s what she was talking about.

Return to Book Page. Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child: Getting him to bed at a regular time. With the help of this resource, our four-month-old daughter sleeps through the night, is beginning to organize her daytime naps and is all smiles when awake.