View and Download Alesis ADAT-HD24 reference manual online. hard disk recorder. ADAT-HD24 Recording Equipment pdf manual download. Thank you for reading this manual! Thank you for downloading the HD24tools software. This software was designed to help users of the Alesis ADAT HD Thank you for reading this manual! About the HD24tools software Copying audio from HD24 drives · Copying audio to HD24 drives · Troubleshooting drive.

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Without this option, Page bit, 25 bit, 25 Most affordable analog consoles don’t have 24 outputs.

Alesis ADAT-HD24 Reference Manual

Beachten Sie alle Warnungen. With up to 64 possible Songs on a drive, it’s a good idea to give each one a unique name that will help you find the tracks you need.

Choose Settings, then Control Panel. Luckily, the HD24 is designed so it can still be used with eight, four, or even two-bus consoles, thanks to a feature called In this scenario, the internal network consists of seven different elements: Halten Sie sich an die Anleitung.

The HD24 provides 24 tracks of high-resolution bit uncompressed linear recording at standard sample rates of Symptom No audio from outputs No audio input or output on certain channels Table Of Contents Welcome! Mounting means that the system recognizes the disk, has powered it up, and can communicate with it.


Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Additional drive caddies are available from your Alesis dealer, so you can instantly swap out projects, just as conveniently as tape.

The display should look like this: To name a Song: This is dh24 used to copy tracks from an 8-track song into a track song for more available tracks.

Return Authorization Number and instructions concerning where to return the unit for service.

Tape a note to the top of the unit describing the problem, include your name and a phone number where Alesis can contact you if necessary, as well as instructions on where you want the product returned.

To turn on AppleTalk: Mounting and selecting a drive One of the key strengths of the ADAT HD24 is its easily-removable hard drives; in fact it was our goal to make the drive caddies similar to ADAT tapes in their transportability and low cost.

These instructions assume that your Macintosh is NOT connected already to a network. If you have two hard drives installed, only one will be mounted.

The he24 is not user friendly on these topics. Use only Alesis-manufactured drive caddies in the HD Automated Recording Automated Recording So far, all of your recording has been done manually — you pressed the transport buttons when you wanted to start and stop recording.


Alesis airfx performance tools: An Example Network The following network diagram can be used a guide to help you setup your internal network. Alesis msnual pay for standard one-way shipping back to you on any repair covered under the terms of this warranty.

HD24tools manual

Even those with 24 or 32 tape inputs usually have only eight busses or group outputs. Pull the empty drive caddy from the HD Do not substitute any other type of AC cord; IEC-spec cables of various lengths may be purchased from electronics stores or your Alesis dealer. One of the key benefits of recording to a hard disk recorder such maanual the HD24 is the ability to edit your performance.

Press to remove the region leaving silence on the trackto copy it without COPY removing it. Page 34 To name a Song: D, and your subnet mask is set to Press once to jump back five seconds; The HD24 allows you to copy a perfect rhythm guitar part to every chorus, move a bass solo to a later chorus, even undo a bad edit. Page 10 – Beim Benutzen dieses Produktes beachten