Here is a detailed guide to help you regarding this process. First of find out an auspicious date for the puja as per the Hindu calendar. Once the date is fixed. One of the oldest and most commonly practised housewarming ceremonies is the Gruhapravesam. A Gruhapravesam ceremony is performed before settling into. Gruhapravesam procedure is already discussed in the previous postings. I want to add only one or two points in addition to the above.

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If you are entering a rented house then you need not to do small puja.

How to perform Griha Pravesh Pooja

Thank you and regards, SR. Thank you For Sharing and Keep on Posting. So we have to move before Aug 8 and after july We are in bangalore. But we are facing some problems.

I have a query regarding vastu shanti pooja. This is not giving a party to all friend in a hotel. Can I perform the above poojas for my housewarming? Credit for header image: It is then distributed to all those present in the ceremony. We are now in agreement about practicing our Hindu dharma together as a couple and also wish to start a family soon. Then your parents will get the moral rights.

Rangolis of rice flour are drawn at the entrance and at the doorway for decorative purposes. With best Regards, Astroved Member support. Hello Sir, Namaskaram, Your article is very informative.


If possible do Lakshmi pooja in the evening time and offer coins to 7 little girls or Married woman Sumangali Happy home always.

After one night half month my husband also has some severe pains in his feet. Namaste, April 9th and 11th are the auspicious days, perform 4. Hii Recently we bought a flat in hyderabad. Could you please suggest an auspicious day from july on wards. As it is mandatory for us to move before July 15th and later to June 27th, we request you to kindly suggest us the good dates.

Finally with child we moved into the house grubapravesam and living there for about 3 years. Sir due to some financial problems we are not completing construction with in one year so do we perform gruhapravesham in 2nd year or 3rd year. I wanted to ask you that I want to shift to another rented house on 24th jan I am living in Guyana, South America.

So, I had delayed moving into the house for about one more year. My name is subhashini Dhanishta Nakshtramand my husband name is yalamanda. We bought new apartment in hyderabad, we want to give it for rent for one year.

Sacred Vedic texts lay great importance on conducting a ceremony before starting to live a proceduure in the house that is newly built. So i cant sit for pooja.


Griha pravesh tips for your new house, this festive season

Others name and Nakshatra can be added with special prayers and gruhapraveasm. Thanks, With Kind Regards, Astroved member support. Gruhapravesm auspicious days during this month. Santikaran by holy Gangajal. Namestae, I am intending to move into my new home in Bangalore during mid July October 17th, 19th 22nd, 25th, 26th and 28th are the auspicious days. The members should stay overnight in the house and they should not lock the house at any cost.

What is the procedure for Griha Pravesham?

Namaste Akshaya kumar, Thank you for contacting Astroved. Namaste, May 29th, is an Auspicious day, you can perform the Grahapravesam Pooja between 4. In the living room, set up a small display of serial lights and minimalistic furniture; you can also display some of your unique artefacts by placing them in patterns.

Moreover, after doing the pooja rituals only, procerure are suppose to enter your New Home with Positive vibration. As am shifting into a pre owned rented house, can you please guide in this case.

As it starts from 1 1: