Home of the Open Source Delphi&C++Builder OpenGL tool. GLScene is an OpenGL based 3D library. . folder; Tortoise SVN: add the folder ” glscene” manually so you have lazarus/components/glscene. In GLScene the universe or 3D world is called a scene. We will learn how to start a basic GLScene application and how to control .. Tecplot User’s Manual.

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GLScene from snapshot Snapshot is an archive file containing all source code files. This topic will be covered in more detail later in GUI objects chapter. Snapshot is available from www. Each object where material is applicable has its Material property.

Double click on GLCube1 in object tree view to add progress event on the form. Vertex is a point in glsdene. Quads closer to the camera are denser with high detail. The process of rendering a frame results in event called Progress in GLScene. The advantage of terrain renderer is LOD optimization.

Page Tools Insert links Insert links to other pages or uploaded files. One might say that a spinning cube is a trivial thing.

The object can be uniformly transparent or the transparency can be defined by texture. At bottom of material editor there is material blending mode listbox selection.


For example if you make corona ranging from 0? Many people have contributed to development and support. LibMaterialName to the name of the material you want to use. And in the end there is the operating system on top of all that.

Instructions for installing GLScene in Delphi Berlin

Animations have to be loaded to Animations. TGLActor This mahual an object you will use if you want geometry that will change shape in time. After successful compilation there will be four new component tabs. By default they will be placed in the rightmost position next to other component tabs.

FAQ Install

The order of objects in the tree hierarchy is important. Make it look prettier. It is capable of loading various mesh formats. The system works like this: Regular Widows fonts are used. Originally Posted by SilverWarior. X axis remains the same. Snapshot is an archive file containing all source code files. Async timer is not recommended to replace the cadencer.

There will be no menus. Homework This is it.

But that is not very practical. Absolute position of the cube is stored in absPos variable.

Making Games with GLScene in Lazarus on Windows

Some objects glxcene like HUD objects or particles take care about rendering order themselves and can be placed anywhere in the tree hierarchy. The three tabs are: However GLScene is so complex that I find it rather difficult for anyone who never used it before maual start learning. Normal is a vector that tells us which side if front and which side glcene back. The formula would be like this: If you are doing some scientific calculations you can use extended type to get more exact results.


Additive blending msnual the colors of the object with colors behind it. Originally Posted by Akira The geometry can be described with mathematical formulas. Material library has one handy function: The bitmap is divided in rows and columns. You have to load a bitmap that contains letters arranged in rows and columns. It is called CVS root.

Check the box with caption Ignore this exception type and press the button to continue. The instructions below are for the set-up of GLScene on Lazarus and for a simple sample program.

Ideal frame rate is 30 frames per second.

There are also sections that I don’t know anything about or I’m not familiar enough with. If you have any reasonable question, go ahead and ask at GLScene forum.

To detect user input we will use IsKeyDown function contained in Keyboard unit.