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One sells one’s soul for material gain. Medicare with access limited to those 65 and over. We have given up trying to make sense of our own health system because it is too complicated.

Conscientious doctors who do take the time, be it half-an-hour to an hour per patient, are barely able to cover their operating costs. Not correcting the problem is expensive, because it keeps manifesting itself. Vaccination enables the selection of populations to be decimated.

Ncvfcr once during thi? The number of medical schools was slashed from to In light of such successes, and such a rosy picture, how could we not enthusiastically adopt the teaching we received? Providing, of course, that we listen mafka it and we know how to use it. It is a regime of medical terror.

The Medical Mafia

The only ones who are responsible are those who pay the bill. The bigger the system, the heavier the administration. A large percentage of the population estimated lanctit be close to 40 million has no health insurance whatsoever.


One sells the vaccines. Then if her weight should happen to increase, the doctor reprimands and scares her. War on cancer, battling AIDS, wiping out epidemics vaccineseliminating pain with pain-killers.

All their worldly goods were confiscated from the very moment they were accused, before even being brought to trial. The competition is killing us. Let’s take the example of a used car. What is more, Quebec with its Native territories, encompasses huge reservoirs of water which many a multinational have their eyes on.

Full text of “The Medical Mafia”

And much better at that. Similarly, in human beings, it is the soul that enables the body to exist. All three have arrived at the same setback. And the patient believes that the best hospital is the one with the medival machines.

The Medical Mafia by Guylaine Lanctot

I am going to avoid statistics which, after all, can prove whatever they set out to prove. And to enrich the dignitaries the religious authorities and their accomplices the inquisitors. The people called them wise people. Meanwhile, industrial theft is in full swing.

Health has always been the concern of women. That is the fundamental question which underlies ghislainw thought process throughout this book. The sleeping fhislaine of the physical body is intoxication. The spirit control its vibrations are disorder and is everywhere. We all do it every day. Vinh Tran rated it it was amazing Aug 18, For who would doubt the honourable intentions of the WHO.


Oct 22, Gipa rated medicql it was amazing. Our spirit has always been and always will be. And yet, it is so paramount.

We have spent from four to ten years, sometimes more, in a medical school and a hospital where it was ingrained in us that: It causes AIDS to explode. Vaccination leads to social violence and crime. Was the oil changed regularly with a good quality product?

And it received the blessing of Church and State alike. It is the artists, and their perceptive talents, that we call upon to interpret these bodies in visual form. The answer is, million They have their fears and insecurities. It was the reign of terror in the medical world. If only we could maintain the status quo! No treatment before- first conducting, a -thorough diagnosis. I entered medicine full of ideals. One no longer died of appendicitis.

Schools were turned into clinics. It is interesting to note that vaccines only appeared for the first time after the major epidemics had almost disappeared naturally by themselves.