The Convenient Marriage by Georgette Heyer – swash and swoon. All hail the queen of the Regency romance, whose glorious romps demand. WHY READERS LOVE GEORGETTE HEYER AND THE CONVENIENT MARRIAGE: The story concerns love and marriage, trust and friendship, gossip and. The plot of the Convenient Marriage is different in so many ways from the typical Georgette Heyer novel. One is the tenderness with which the.

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That is a great shame on both counts. She made it abundantly clear throughout the book that the match between her and the hero was a disaster. And now I will comfort myself by downloading more of her lovely stories View all 9 comments.

His deceptive mildness was charming to read about, I often found myself smothering a smile at his very cleverly constructed remarks, or the way people constantly underestimated his cunning and intelligence. The story is set in Feb 05, Res rated it it was ok Shelves: Unbeknownst to him, she already has, but he doesn’t know that and Horry, unusual looking stammerer that she is, cannot bear to tell him for fear she won’t come up to his standards.

I shivered from head to toes at listening to those deep seductive whispers in which Lord Rule teases young Horatia revealing at the same time all his love and admiration for her.

It will madriage the most enjoyable aspect of this novel — surprise! The rest of the time she was irritating. And the audio was in English accents supreme. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

I think The Corinthian was the first one for me. I remember thrusting it on a chap I knew who was expert in everything to do with the local turnpikes, as the heroine on her madcap solo drive to Brighton stopped to change horses, unromantically enough, at Horley delightfully situated a stones-throw from Gatwick airport, these days.

I may be on cold medicine.

The Convenient Marriage by Georgette Heyer – swash and swoon | Books | The Guardian

And yes, I really would have loved it if she’d managed to see one single thing for what it was without Rule convwnient to patiently explain it to her. Ah well, I am now forewarned. She receives an anonymous note saying that her brooch will be restored to her if she attends Vauxhall pavilion at midnight. Learn how your comment data is processed.


The Convenient Marriage by Georgette Heyer – swash and swoon

Seventeen-year old Horatia is not. Her brother, his good friend Sir Roland Pommeroy, and Edward Heron all try to help her out, to hilarious effect, not knowing that Rule is aware of their schemes. This is not a man fighting to defend the integrity of the woman he possesses, but a man driven to rage by an assault on the woman he loves.

Email required Address never made public. I really like those cynical, dark, mysterious, sarcastic and good-looking villains. Mar 28, Nicole Prestin rated it really liked it Shelves: But the characters who totally steal the show about halfway through the book, and who I wish had a novel just about their goofy antics, are Horatia’s brother and his best geotgette. Unbeknownst to Horry, her husband has followed her to the ball, overhears their conversation and intercedes by stepping on her dress and ripping it.

Cartland sets her heroes and heroines in a similar regency setting, but that is all the two authors have in common.

The Convenient Marriage by Georgette Heyer, A Review | Jane Austen’s World

I’m sorry,” said the Viscount simply. But these books are enjoyable fluff, albeit very well-written; Heyer was concerned with the social aspects of courtship and marriage and deeply aware of the constraints women faced in that day, and of their paucity of options.

To rise to the challenge is to make her voice attractive and rather touching — this is no joke, for her or the listener. The book was full of intreague, tretury and sometimes misguided and often unrequited love. The Earl explains his ruse and Horatia decides to end her friendship with Lethbridge.


I found April Lady quite mindboggling, actually: What do you think? Plus, other heroes have done the “lazy aristocrat” much better than Rule, including Alverstoke Fredericaand Alastair These Old Shades. I bet you didn’t.

The Convenient Marriage, by Georgette Heyer

Thank you for your insightful review! Let me assure you geirgette more that I am very much alive. But then, perhaps a reader more immersed than I am in the genre and in the historical background would find it added depth, and quite rightly.

So yes, not to linger too long on the point, soon enough Horatia marries Marcus Drellincourt and becomes the Countess of Rule.

Then there’s her family her brother in particular. I had, just about, but never paid him any mind until I heard his piano trios here — quite, quite charming. I think I killed this lord! In marriage, Horry absolutely blossoms. Hey, I’ve got nothing against stuttering I did it for a while a long time agob-but I d-don’t w-want to r-read it in a b-book e-every s-sentence the h-heroine m-makes. The scenes with her are just painful you want to take a shotgun to the earl but other than that, it’s great fun, and the Georgian era is beautifully evoked.

He’s jaded and Horry’s the breath of fresh air that will reinvigorate his life. Nothing more endearing than a good loser.

But I have got the Nose, sir. And I can tell that I’m about to dive headlong into a full-fledged binge.

After consulting all of your past co This georgetfe not a drill. You are commenting using your Facebook account. The Convenient Marriage also includes two excellent duels, one hilarious and quite brief, the other magnetic and drawn-out.

These characters have huge entertainment value in the audiobook — how did you feel about them on the page?