Bruges-La-Morte by Georges Rodenbach is one of those minor pieces of world literature that can have a major effect on the reader. It is not a sublime work of art, . 3 / 1 / Georges Rodenbach, Bruges-la-Morte. James Elkins. This is the book most often taken as the starting point for novels illustrated with photographs. BRUGES-LA-MORTE t ‘Ronance. BY. GEORGES RODENBACH. Translated from the rench, with a Critical. Introduction, by. THOMAS DUNCAN. WITH THREE.

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I thought that was brilliant. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Il cielo, seppure azzurro, non riesce a rasserenare le vie strette, tortuose, le chiese illuminate dalle sole candele, i canali pieni di brugrs bianchi: Your email address will not be published.

Review: Bruges-la-Morte by Georges Rodenbach | Books | The Guardian

You may be right if you guess Notice there are three trees on the left in the first photograph; the second was apparently taken next to buges nearest of those three. They allow us, the reader, to be Hugues both his gaze upon the city, and his recollection of it.

There is something very familiar about this story: The Stevenson and the Wilde are indisputably great works, but no one’s going to call them subtle. He spent the rodenbacch ten years of his life in Paris as the correspondent of the Journal de Bruxelles, and was an intimate of Ed Georges Rodenbach was born in Tournai to a French mother and a German father from the Rhineland Andernach.


Dedalus World English language rights in this translation. Bruges-la-Morte is by Georges Rodenbach, not Charles. Its elements — love, death, ritual, doubles, and all the aspects of the city geroges Bruges that the roxenbach feels reflect the condition of his soul you can practically hear the ringing, ringing, ringing of the bells — are very well handled.

For best results, it should be read at dusk, preferably when it’s raining outside. Bruges-La-Morte by Georges Rodenbach.

Someone has also numbered them, in pencil, in the copy on the Internet Archive. The Madonnas of the Primitives have similar flowing locks, descending in calm ripples. A more interesting possibility is that we are seeing the city as Hugues experiences it, drained of color and mostly of people.

Bruges-la-morte by Georges Rodenbach

How silly of me. Jane pour sa part n’est pas meilleure.

View all 4 comments. Inthe Flemish film director Roland Verhavert adapted the novel as ” Brugge, die stille “.

Bruges-La-Morte by Georges Rodenbach

You are commenting using your Twitter gworges. So if you can, read this book in the French original. He finds a thickly atrabilious style to fit his story, rich in imagery, full of strikingly depressive turns of phrase.

On the basis of modte this one might legitimately call Hugues obsessive, or even insane. It tells the story of Hugues Viane, a widower overcome with grief, who takes refuge in Bruges where he lives among the relics of his former wife – her clothes, her letters, a length of her hair – rarely leaving his house. This is the first such image, I think, in the literature.


Bruges was his wife, while she was Bruges. Dedalus Foreign Rights Sales.

Bruges-la-Morte is the apotheosis of this kind of preoccupation. Drawn too close together, the differences appeared.

A brief glimpse of Bruges

The untranslatable title compresses that into a formula. Their edition also reproduces Rodenbach’s photos of Bruges, as they appeared in the original publication.

Brilliant article — and brilliant project overall. For me, Rodenbach wrote with clarity, and insight and tenderness.

This was Bruges-la-Morte, the dead city, entombed in its stone quays, the arteries of its canals chilled to death at the cessation of the great heartbeat of the sea. Rodenbach interspersed his text with dozens of black-and-white photographs of Bruges.