Products 1 – 13 of 13 Gary Plants on the Zarrow Shuffle DVD | Gary Plants | SEO MAGIC Hofzinser Transparent Card by Gary Plants · Gary Plants, $, Buy. Gary Plants on the Zarrow Shuffle. A Handling of Herb Zarrow’s Full-deck False Shuffle that fools the experts – and everyone else. Written by Stephen Minch. Title, Gary Plants on the Zarrow Shuffle. Author, Stephen Minch. Illustrated by, Tom Gagnon. Publisher, Card Plant, Length, 27 pages. Export Citation.

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I was so energized by Gary’s handling that I immediately offered my services to illustrate it at no chargeif he would make it available to the magic community. The instruction on the video is some of hhe clearest and most detailed I’ve seen anywhere, making it an invaluable companion to Gary’s fantastic booklet. What is important is that your spectators wont. At speed, it looks regular and he gets rid of the tells associated with other false table riffles.

The description is split into five parts: It is important to note these are NOT inherent to the shuffle but rather artifacts from bad technique or insufficient practice.


Gary Plants on the Zarrow Shuffle

Thank you Jason for the heads up!! In my opinion Gary Plants has taken the Zarrow Shuffle to the next level, making it the most deceptive, versatile, table false shuffle ever created and a must for anyone interested in the finer aspect of card magic.

There also is a very brief description of the sky shuffle in the introduction.

Based on the last update I’m aware of, its release should be imminent. Linear by Peter Vidani.

This information is essential for the serious student of card magic. I do mostly Busking so with everyone looking down at all angles this particular shuffle can be hard. He does the Strip Shuffle though which is very hard.

Gary Plants – Magicpedia

Indigo New user 96 Posts. If you do a Zarrow shuffle but don’t know Gary’s work on it, you should get this. Most cardmen that I have seen using the Zarrow Shuffe exposed the condition of the deck thr the square up and yet most, if not all, seemed to think a perfect illusion was being created. He is probably best know for his handmade gaffed cards which he began making handmade in Gary’s version of the shuffle is the only version I am aware of where the fair and false shuffles look identical.

Eternal damnation awaits anyone who questions God’s unconditional love. Support our sponsor Genii Magazine. Jun 25, If you want a deceitful table riffle shuffle and don’t have one, you should get this.


Andrew Immerman Regular user California Posts. This page was created in 0.

Gary Plants

At the moment it’s available only from Gary at: Also, I doubt there is a better technique for performing Vernon’s Triumph. Jul 8, Chris Aguilar Loyal user Posts. Tom Gaudette New user 30 Posts. God Bless, Ed, EddiniC.

The Magic Cafe Forums – Gary Plants’ Zarrow DVD is out

What a gold mine. Stephen Minch is a talented and veteran magic writer, the description is clear, coherent, and filled with enough detail and illustrations by the equally talented Tom Gagnon to clearly convey what needs to be done.

I recall like it was yesterday when Gary “Fooled” me with his deceptive variant of Herb Zarrow’s legendary false shuffle. The technique itself is very good. As such, zadrow DVD will for me at least reinforce the text descriptions in the booklet. This sounds like a Awesome Shuffle.