Frederick Ahl’s new translation captures the excitement, poetic energy, and This is an Aeneid that the first-time reader can grasp and enjoy, and whose. FREDERICK AHL, trans. Virgil, Aeneid. Introduction by Elaine. Fantham. Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press, Pp. With index and maps. Frederick M. Ahl (born ) is a professor of classics and comparative literature at Translation of Virgil’s Aeneid (), Book I, lines – and –

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Virgil through modern eyes

The result, at any rate for a reader on this side of the Atlantic, is an intermittent failure of tone and dignity which is not the same thing as paralysed costume grandeur. Because it has the same number of lines as the original, it is particularly useful for those wishing to cross-reference the Latin.

I would be sorry to see Fred Ahl’s Virgil unnoticed here, for its aeeid virtues. Elaine Fantham’s Introduction is informative and unintimidating, guiding the reader through the action of each of the twelve books and exploring its features and major areas of critical debate, as well as outlining the historical background to its composition.

The Trojan prince Aeneas escapes the destruction of Troy by the Greeks and sets sail with his father Anchises and his son Ascanius in search of a new home.

Dr Johnson defines “rattle” as “to make a sharp noise with frequent repetitions and collisions of bodies not very sonorous”. I choose the onomatopoeiac description of a thundering cavalry charge at the very end of the 11th book. Dryden here outsoars all the modern translators – “The vanquished cry; the victors loudly shout: This is an Aeneid that the first-time reader can grasp and enjoy, and whose rendition of Virgil’s subtleties of thought and language will enthrall those already familiar with the epic.


Ahl’s notes and apparatus are useful and there is a good introduction by Elaine Fantham. It includes some of the best known classical authors such as Ovid and Virgil, as well as a Roman emperor who found time to write down his philosophical reflections.

The story of Virgil’s Aeneid composed from about BC is straightforward. In 49 BC Virgil became a Roman citizen. Books Available for Review.

He offers a line of between 12 and 17 syllables, containing six feet, each stressed on the first syllable, with the opening syllable of the line always stressed. Frederick Ahl’s new translation captures the excitement, poetic energy, and intellectual force of Aened epic poem in a way that has never been done before.

The most serious problems, however, arise from diction. After his studies in Rome, Vergil is believed to have lived with his father for about 10 years, engaged in farm work, study, and writing poetry. Frederick Ahl’s new translation captures the excitement, poetic energy, and intellectual force of the original in a way that has never been done before. Virgil through modern eyes. Ebsco Publishing- Poetry – pages. On this analysis the best prize goes to Sarah Ruden.

His style is so dense, and he is so clever. The edition includes comprehensive annotation and a valuable indexed glossary which can be used equally well with the Latin original. Yet there are at least as many admiring stars as irritated crosses in the margin of my copy.

In the following years Virgil spent most of his time in Campania and Sicily, but he also had a house in Rome. Vivid and terrible, the conflict is more than once lost and won, and Ahl sustains a ferocious pace, while managing the blizzard of names and genealogies and bringing conviction both to the battle as a whole and to the pathos of the individual fate.

An Introductionby Elaine Fantham, and Ahl’s comprehensive notes and invaluable indexed glossary complement the translation. You can almost hear the horses’ hooves thumping the broken earth of the plain – the soft thump, thump, and the final thud of the hoof that hits the “cam – poom”. Although ambitious, Virgil was never really happy about the task. He gave Virgil a house near Naples.


VirgilFrederick Ahl. It took many of us a whole term at school to read one book of The Aeneid and, in grown-up life, perhaps we have been content to read him in the great translation of John Dryden.

Bryn Mawr Classical Review

He is difficult, very difficult, even if you have been doing Latin for years. This book is available as part of Oxford Scholarly Editions Online – explore trustworthy, annotated texts of writing worth reading. Oxford University Press, It is a toss-up between Fagles earthy and impressive, and with all those useful notes and the quiet line-by-line modesty of Sarah Ruden whose version “grew” on me the longer I lived with it. Other editions – View all Aeneid Virgil Limited preview – Choose your country or region Close.

The Aeneid is art built on conquest, a rewriting of history which asserts that Rome’s destiny was anciently established and that its partial fulfilment could be observed in the regime of the Emperor Augustus, who ended the civil war, dispatched his rivals, Mark Antony and Pompey, and was unassailably in the ascendant in the period of the poem’s composition.

Yet the old oak tree Sticks to the crags, and as high as its crest reaches up towards heaven’s Brightness, its roots stretch down just as low into Tartarus’ darkness.