In fact, the author of Imperium does more than even Spengler attempted — he defines and . Francis Parker Yockey completed Imperium. The formidable task of. Francis Parker Yockey (18 September – 16 June ) was an American philosopher and polemicist, best known for his neo-Spenglerian book Imperium. Francis Parker Yockey (—), alias Ulick Varange, was an American Nazi His book Imperium: The Philosophy of History and Politics.

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Fancis other work in defense of the West possesses the eloquence, erudition, passion and mystique of Imperium. This prophetic masterwork is at once a clarion call to arms in defense of Europe and the West, and a sweeping historical-philosophical treatise in the Spenglerian mold.

A magisterial work of matchless prose, with historical insight on every page, it skewers Allied wartime propaganda, and philosophizes with a hammer in favor of a coming Western empire of “absolute politics. The book’s Chicago-born author, Francis P. Yockey, was just 30 years old when he wrote Imperium in six months in a quiet village on Ireland’s eastern coast.

Francis Parker Yockey

His masterpiece continues to shape ypckey thinking and steel the will of readers around the world. Tens of thousands of copies of have been sold worldwide, with foreign-language editions in Spanish, German, and Hungarian. Many works published by the Colchester Collection are in the Public Domain.


Some works in the collection are protected by copyright in some countries. All copyright yodkey in these pages, by the Colchester Collection, apply, solely, to those copyrightable expressions of ideas summaries, web design, graphics, etc.

Francis Parker Yockey’s Imperium | Counter-Currents Publishing

All rights to works under copyright are reserved to the copyright holder. The Colchester Collection makes no claim to copy protections on the copyrighted works of others. These works are published as a public service, under the terms of the Fair Use provisions of US copyright law.

Titles Authors Subjects Support. The Philosophy of History and Politics Author: The 20th Century Historical Outlook Chapter 1: The Two Aspects of History Chapter 3: The Relativity of History Chapter 4: The Meaning of Facts Chapter 5: The Structure of History Chapter 7: The Civilization-Crisis Chapter 9: The 20th Century Political Outlook Chapter Introduction to Part II Chapter The Nature of Politics Chapter The War-Politics Symbiosis Chapter The Laws of Totality and Sovereignty Chapter The Pluralistic State Chapter The Political Pluriverse Chapter League of Nations Chapter Political Organisms and War Chapter The Law of Political Plenum Chapter The Law of Protection and Obedience Chapter The Two Political Anthropologies Chapter Cultural Vitalism – Culture Health Chapter The Articulation of a Culture Chapter Tradition and Genius Chapter Genius and the Age of Absolute Politics Chapter Race, People, Nation, State Chapter Subjective Meaning of Race Chapter Vertical Race Chapter Race and Policy Chapter Nation and History Chapter Nation and Rationalism Chapter Nation in the 20th Century Chapter Cultural Vitalism – Culture Pathology Chapter Culture Pathology Chapter Culture Parasitism Chapter Culture Distortion Chapter Introduction to Part IV Chapter The Origins of America Chapter The American Ideology Chapter The War of Secession, Chapter The American Practice of Government Chapter The History of American Imperialism Chapter The American Revolution of Chapter The Negro in America Chapter Culture-Retardation in America Chapter The Future of America Part V: The World Situation Chapter The Political World Chapter The First World War Chapter The Second World War Chapter The Terror Chapter The Abyss Chapter