Fortean Times # (April ) · Fortean Times # (May ) · Fortean Times # (Special ) · Fortean Times # (June ). Fortean Times # (March ) · Fortean Times # (April ) · Fortean Times # (May ) · Fortean Times # (June ). Posts about Fortean Times written by Dr David Clarke. I’m bringing in with two new books and the cover story in Fortean Times in what should prove to.

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Apparently he had been going to reveal his identity in the telepathic television broadcast.

I got home after doing the Edinburgh show in and decided, purely for fun, to record a few of the sketches in my living room with a budget of zero. Decemberr may also like. Fortean Times is a monthly magazine of news, reviews and research on strange phenomena and experiences, curiosities, prodigies and portents.

Because shit happens to everyone. Contribution to Fortean Top 40 no. Foryean options see all. London Bridge Facebook page. Letter about redundant columns in architecture.


Book Review — The Infinity Puzzle. So homeopathy comes in for a few blows. Edinburgh, where there may be gold at the end of the rainbow.

Fill in the form below to send an email confirming your suspend subscription request. Fkrtean odds against the Red Sea parting seem so great as to be impossible. Another Magazine is already setting the fashion and style. The Search for Habitable Worlds in the Universe. Issue Type see all.


Letter about Damned Data and statistics. They used to have annual UnConventions. Book review — International Space Station: That just happens so many times. You’ll need a sense of adventure,curiosity, natural scepticism and a good sense of humour. The Search for Life in the Cosmos. Folklore is a vital and ongoing area fogtean study and one of the few academic disciplines that engage, in a fundamental way, with everyday life.

A Cabinet of Canine Curiosities and, if his book is anything like his one-hour lecture, it must be a cracker. Book Review — The Ballet of the Planets. Publication Decade see all. Made in both New York and London, the magazine brings the international fashion community closer togeth Forum article — “Raising a false flag” adapted from Chapter 2 of Conspiracy History.

Join London Fortean Society for an afternoon of talks on ghosts, UFO art, voodoo, the world’s first amphibious baby and much more.

Forum article — “The Locked Room mysteries” loosely based on this blog post and this one. We are, by the way, not yet out of the woods on the End of the World being nigh. In a film, you only see the externals of a person and you can only get some semblance of psychological depth and what someone thinks if they actually spell it out in words. They announced that Jesus Dcember — or, more correctly, the Maitreya — was already walking the Earth and would telepathically reveal himself to the people of the world via television on 21st June The odds are often not as high as they seem.


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Fortean Times: 40 years of covers – in pictures | Media | The Guardian

There was and is no way of exaggerating the reality into comedy. It is highly likely to happen Shit happens all the time to everyone. Skip to main content. Publication Name see all. I have read that, with the winds from the right directions, the waters in a tributary of the Red Sea, apparently, really do separate and it is tjmes, briefly, to literally walk across yimes sea bed from one side to the other.

On that day, I was quite busy. Create a website or blog at WordPress. Filed under ComedyDogsStrange phenomenaTheatre. Your goal ffortean just be to make what you want to make and just keep getting out there and performing.

As she was temporarily not in L. A Graphic Guide Issue Januarypage Posted by Scott Wood at For example, the odds against any one specific person being killed by a pig falling on his or her head are VERY high.

Which brings me to comedy improvisation.