Thermo Scientific™ Fluoroskan Ascent™ Microplate Fluorometer. Perform a variety of research applications with the compact, robust Thermo Scientific™. Shop online for a wide selection of Thermo Scientific™ Fluoroskan Ascent™ Microplate Fluorometer Perform a variety of research applications with the. These compact and robust instruments feature versatile plate formats, fast reading speeds, and excellent optical performance for a variety of fluorometric or .

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The Electro-Steam Generator Corp. High-performance optics The direct illumination optics of the Fluoroskan Ascent FL produces a highly focused light beam. On-board incubation and orbital shaking An incubator option is available for cell biology, enzyme assays and other applications requiring precise temperature control.

Monday – Friday 9: Enter the code below Reload. High sensitivity is one of the main benefits of fibreless optics — and a fluogometer feature for luminometry. Instruments come complete with NIST certification and documentation, line cord and six days a week technical support.

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Carey Microoplate Creative Systems Inc. High quality instrument made in Finland. Two-in-one fluorometric and luminometric reader for outstanding versatility and efficiency: Intelligent Power Solutions, Inc. Microplate Instrument Specialists since ! Fluorescence Filters and Applications. In fluorescence measurement, this prevents crosstalk and ensures accurate readings.

An incubator option is available for cell biology, enzyme assays and other applications requiring precise temperature control. The excitation filter wheel can hold a maximum of eight filters, and the emission filter wheel can hold a maximum of six filters.


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Successful monitoring of these fast developing assays is achieved through the execution of simultaneous dispensing and reading. We’re ready to help! The fast read time of the Fluoroskan Ascent FL, just 15 seconds for a well plate, is another important advantage for kinetic applications.

Viaflo Vibra Screw Inc. The liquid dispensing system allows the attachment of up to three reagent dispensers. The optical system is designed for low cross talk between sample wells to ensure accuracy of results.

Two beam diameter settings, 3 mm and 1. Easily reset to Volt.

Fluorescent Plate Reader

By closing this banner or continuing to browse otherwise, you agree to the use of cookies. Flexibility plus lower costs The Fluoroskan Ascent FL doubles your value – reducing costs, improving efficiency and saving bench space in the lab. Maximum dimensions 90 mm x mm x 25 mm.

State-of-the-art optical system for unrivalled sensitivity Highly-visual Ascent Software simplifies fluorometric and luminometric applications Ascent FL On-board precision dispensers various models for rapid kinetic measurements on FL model only Flexible plate formats, from 1 to wells, enable reading in primary wells both models Reads from above or below the plate both models Precise temperature control provides optimum conditions for cell biology and enzyme assays both models Variable speed orbital shaker for true mixing both models Peak performance for fluorometric and luminometric measurements The Fluoroskan Ascent and the two-in-one Fluoroskan Ascent FL set the standard in performance and ease of use.


Best suited for research environments, applications include fluorometric protein, enzyme, and kinase studies; nucleic acid quantification; and immune and cell based assays. Tyler Waage Electric Inc. Instruments come with 2 filter pairs of choice, line cord and three year warranty from Factory Trained Engineers. Automatic gain selection eliminates the need for manual adjustment in fluorometry. Market-leading dispenser system For easy and accurate addition of reagents, up to three dispensers can be fitted on board the Fluoroskan Ascent and Ascent FL.

Refurbished Thermo Labsystems Fluoroskan Ascent Microplate Fluorometer

Built-in orbital shaking, another advanced feature, speeds up reaction times and ensures effective mixing. Speeds are recorded being as low as 15 seconds for a well microplate.

Includes computer loaded with Thermo Labsystems Ascent Software version 2. Optics execute sensitive readings from both the top and bottom of microplates ranging from 6 to wells. With two instruments in one, the Fluoroskan Ascent FL doubles your value.