Authors Maggie Callanan and Patricia Kelley have worked as hospice nurses and collectively observed the last days of many patients. This book is their attempt. FINAL GIFTS. An interview with. Maggie Callanan on. Nearing-Death Awareness by. Gilles Bédard. January 19, What is your professional background?. Maggie Callanan and Patricia Kellley, the authors of “Final Gifts,” are hospice nurses with years of experience in the care of dying patients.

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Final Gifts (Maggie Callanan & Patricia Kelley): Book Review

Sep 24, Bill Braun rated it it was amazing Shelves: But I think the goal of the book was to help readers feel more at ease about dying and death and this book could be useful for those who need reassurance. It is just uplifting enough to make me fear the entire concept of death less.

For instance, one couple who had been married many years loved to travel. For those of us who will have time to say goodbye to our loved ones and who will be cared for at the end by compassionate people such as the authors of this book, a ‘good death’ is within our reach. Written by hospice nurses, it explains some of the things dying people say and do, and makes suggestions on how to interpret these actions.

FINAL GIFTS by Maggie Callanan , Kelley Kelley | Kirkus Reviews

The authors drew from their hospice experience to explain a lot of what happens when people are in the last stages of terminal illness, and to help their families understand what’s happening and how they can best help and support their dying loved ones. It serves as an introduction to the concepts considered in the remainder of the text as well as providing background on hospice care and the social evolution of ideas about death and dying. These generalized tifts appear to span multiple religious, racial, social and cultural groups and are experienced equally by both genders and all age groups.


I didn’t share this thought with many people. They were described as being happy and ready to go. The book tells many stories of individuals and how they coped with the loss of loved ones.

The second section details four broad experiences that, taken together, comprise Nearing Death Awareness. It is a concept encapsulating a host of psychological, physical, and metaphysical traits, which are exhibited by terminally ill patients in the weeks and days preceding death.

Perhaps this is why Final Gifts gift me and gave me such hope. caallanan

All of us lose people we finzl, and reading this little book could easily help people do a better job of listening and understanding their dying loved one. Quotes from Final Gifts: Some, like the woman in the first example, want permission to die or to express the things they need to die in peace.

The last moments of any human life are indeed someone’s Final Gifts’s to us, and by being present, it is our way to return these gifts. Lastly, I believe she chose when to die.

Not every statement made by a dying person has significance, but heed them all so as not to miss the ones that do. I am hoping it will help when my grandmother passes.


Final Gifts: Understanding the Special Awareness, Needs, and Communications of the Dying

It is written by a pair of Hospice nurses who documented cases of patients and families of those in the final stages of death. It has me inspired to listen all the more attentively as callanann mom declines. However I am open minded enough to believe that there is more than what we experience in the here and now. I maggi really looking forward to the read. The book has three section.

Apr 17, Michelle Grosch rated it it was amazing Shelves: I like to think my reading this book will benefit my mother, family members, and myself.

Final Gifts (Maggie Callanan & Patricia Kelley): Book Review – Cancer Awakens

Chapter 6 “Preparing for Travel or Change”. For more information on this topic, the authors recommended On Death and Dying by Dr.

Sometimes the person will actually speak to these unseen visitors. We have no idea if these visions and peaceful feelings are based in our neurology or based in something tifts.

In simple language and a fluid writing style the fial have captured the emotions that run through the person who is about to cross-over and the ones who are near and dear to them.

After reading this book, we were very open-minded. Am I really ready?