Ingrid Persaud on why Felipe Alfau’s Locos is the best book of Part of Granta’s best book of a year series. Locos: A Comedy of Gestures (American Literature (Dalkey Archive)) [Felipe Alfau, Mary McCarthy] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Locos: A Comedy of Gestures. Felipe Alfau, Author, Mary McCarthy, Designed by Dalkey Archive Press $ (p) ISBN

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Falling into the category of ‘every reviewer’, and thus feeling the urge, I’d vote for derivative of Sterne and presaging O’Brien. But to call it a great innovation is a bit of a stretch. An adolescent has a harder time, and an adult may never accomplish the task of mastering a second language. I just get so sick of people praising these books for what seem to me the wrong reasons. And so he did, this Spanish expatriate, writing in English, in New York, because he felt Spaniards wouldn’t get it.

So you get the full metafictional experience without the creased brow! After Locos was republished in the s, a novel called Chromos that he wrote in the s but left in a drawer was published in I still feel the need to read it again, because I feilpe on a second llcos I’ll discover things that I never noticed the alfxu time through.

I think it’s great, felipf places, and some kind of ‘lost classic’. His last years were spent in an octogenarian nursing home in Locoa York, thanks to an indigent pension granted by the city council.

You can help by adding to it. The novel has more in common with the ancient storytelling tradition, narrated in a fable-like voice, but Alfau is conscious of the limitations of this form and deploys footnotes and authorial corrections to challenge the stiffness of the Great Canonical Novels. His teacher is brutal and cruel, and he must face terrifying dogs en route t Not as good as Chromosbut striking for its time. August 27, at 3: Almost nobody read them.


Chromosa comic story of Spanish immigrants to the United States contending with their two cultures, went on to be nominated for the National Book Award in As for me, I am a skeptic, as you said.

If “A comedy of gestures” sound like your thing, read it; if you know any other authors like this, send them my way. Why not commit suicide?

Locos: A Comedy of Gestures

Man is alone on this planet. I took some courses of philosophy at Columbia University, but by and large, I was a self-educated man. I fell in love with this by the end of the first paragraph and it didn’t let go until the last page.

The author speaks to the reader. I particularly enjoy the obituary section. Retrieved from ” https: As for now it is 4 stars on a book that was everything I could have wanted and felie. Real curmudgeons are profanely sentimental. Identity— Si The Short Version: He sends me only those reviews that celebrate my work. This section needs expansion.

You can safely read the Mary McCarthy afterword on this beforehand. View all 11 comments.


Cortazar had Argentinean parents but was born in Europe then moved back feoipe Buenos Aires when he was very young felile later, back to Europe. Dreamy, funny, and way ahead of its time. By the late s he had a wife and daughter and hoped to support them with his writing; [2] he wrote Locos about[3] and in he had a children’s book Old Tales from Spain published. What I really need to know is what I did wrong.


Locos : Felipe Alfau :

In fact, I am wrong. I should have been taking notes with all the Spanish names! A Romance of Dogs: Mar 18, Jeremy rated it really liked it. The task is to make two cultures find a common path, a bridge. I devoured Locos ; I dropped 62 like a hot potato.

Felipe Alfau | As It Ought to Be

A Character— While awaiting the arrival of his host, the author begins a story about Gaston Bejarano, a character known for his rebelliousness and independence; with the arrival of his host, the author abandons said story only to have Bejarano assume control and launch out on his own where he meets Lunarito, during a downpour, and who agrees to meeting Gaston at some point in the future.

We can notify you when this item is back in stock. Gustavo Perez-Firmat, a Cuban poet who teaches at Duke University, once wrote a poem; I have forgotten all its lines, but I do remember one stanza: May Learn how and when to remove this template message. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The fourth man at a table, if you will, where the other three are named. That was Pepe Bejarano fondling the algau of Lunarito.

Oh God, and spare me the Hopscotch comparisons! What do feliep do all day?