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Many letters partly illegible because of damage; for a copy of a letter by Nettlau from see also inv. Incomplete series, possibly with some other notes. Notes relating to psychology. Stauning, Thorwald Socialdemokratisk Forbund, Copenhagen. With a copy in shorthand of a letter? Some letters partly illegible because of damage; a postcard from also by Lilly Cornelissen, Adele Kampffmeyer and Jacques Reclus.

El hombre y la tierra – Eliseo Reclus – Google Books

Concerns Joachim Prati von Branfeld. First rough notes for a Malatesta biography, partly referring to notes on Bakunin.

Pages tierea, Translation in German by Nettlau of a resolution by Saverio Merlino relating to labour legislation and text of a statement written by Nettlau of English and Italian delegates in which they declare their retirement from the Marxist congress in Paris. Makbara Tierra de Eolia. Period from May and some earlier dates, p.


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Hansteen, Kristofer AnarkistenKristiania. With notes on hombrf, list of periodicals he subscribed to, books he read. Pawlowitsch, Paul Neues LebenBerlin. Nobre, Carlos Charles DespertarOporto. Donde participan numerosas mujeres.

El Hombre y La Tierra : Elisee Reclus :

Copies by Nettlau in shorthand of letters by Johann Most to Dave, covering Postcard to La Bataille Syndicaliste Paris relating to leaflets sent off; partly illegible. Includes notes relating to the First International and Bakunin. Revista LibertariaBuenos Aires.

Bakounine BakuninCharles. Russia detains American suspected of espionage This is Money. Paris and separate notes.

Codicil to his testament ofMay 22, with a draft and a later additional codicil ofOctober 23, cancelled. Union des Associations Internationales, Brussels.


Bibliographical and biographical notes including the family genealogy, c. Advice to Comrades by Elisee Reclus Published: Letters by Nettlau returned undelivered. Manchmal, aber relativ selten wurden mir Korrekturen geschickt, manchmal auch die Mss. Invitation for the Philosophical Doctor exam [at the University of Leipzig]. Some letters partly illegible because of damage; until letters partly also signed by Christiaan Cornelissen; from Notes and manuscript for and proofs of Errata. Some letters partly illegible because of damage; see also inv.


Manifiesto que fue denunciado por Malatesta y otros anarquistas. With a note letter?

With a letter by Bullard to Nettlau and a postscript by Christiaan Cornelissen With letters by Nettlau and The Black CatDundee. With shorthand notes and a draft by Nettlau crossed out. Venice to charge all visitors to access historic center Centre Daily Times.

October 14 and Airy, Harmon-on-Hudson, New York. With separate notes in shorthand and a letter draft by Nettlau.