El vigilante del fiordo / Fernando Aramburu. El vigilante del fiordo / Fernando Aramburu. $ El vigilante del fiordo / Fernando Aramburu. Abelardo. El Vigilante del Fiordo (Coleccion Andanzas) by Fernando Aramburu at – ISBN – ISBN – TusQuets – El Vigilante del Fiordo (English, Spanish, Paperback) / Author: Fernando Aramburu ; ; Short stories, Special features, Fiction, Books.

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El Vigilante del Fiordo (English, Spanish, Paperback)

A father takes his little boy to the station to try to explain what happened on the day of the bombing. The online guide of titles from Spanish publishers and literary agents with rights for translation in the UK.

A sense of foreboding dominates the other stories as well: An accomplished writer now in his fifties, his work deserves a broader audience. Vigilznte shows him a photo of a woman his age and, after much cajoling, finally convinces him to go, but he is determined to be frank with the old lady: His date, however, has agreed to meet him only because she recognizes him from her youth; she has supplied a false name and it is not until their second date that she reveals to him her true identity, masked as it is by the passage of time.

A survivor, whose life was saved by an immigrant worker who put a tourniquet on his leg and stayed with him till help arrived, is obsessed with finding the stranger who saved him. Home Sitemap Links Legal notice Private policy.

El vigilante del fiordo / Fernando Aramburu

A taxi driver is charged with getting a wounded man, who is bleeding profusely over the back seat of his car, to the hospital in time to save his life. There, he lives in a shack where he writes long letters to his mother, begging her forgiveness and promising to avenge her death by capturing the terrorists before their next attack is successful.


This collection of eight stories explores anxiety in many different shapes and forms. A family goes to the hospital to identify the body of their eldest son. He cannot forgive himself for his unwitting role in her death, and he has been committed to an insane asylum, where he has bitten the attending doctor and been tied down to the bed.

El vigilante del fiordo | New Spanish Books UK

They go on a camping trip to Portugal, but the father cannot stop womanizing. The marriage of a couple who has lost their son begins to disintegrate.

When he attempts to make vigilznte with the underage daughter of a Swedish couple whose campsite is next to theirs, he loses a few teeth along with respect of his son. The Guardian of the Fiord.

El vigilante del fiordo. His father, a womanizing journalist, tries desperately to bond with his son, who finds his father so tiresome that he is literally too tired to speak with him after spending day after day together.

El vigilante del fiordo

The story provides a little relief from the sense of foreboding that dominates the collection. To consult titles available in other markets please click on the above links. A young man edl lives in an apartment overlooking the station can view the destruction from his shattered bedroom window, but he is too frightened to go down and help the survivors. New Spanish Books UK. A young woman and man who are riding in the carriage with the bomber realize he has left his backpack behind on the train and agree to give it to the conductor when he passes to collect tickets.


A wounded man lying vigiilante the tracks tries to help a fellow passenger who is moaning for help but he has no sensation from the waist down; he can only hold her hand as her life ebbs away. American and British readers, especially those in New York and London, will immediately relate to these slices of tragedy and triumph, beautifully written with just enough detail to be deeply affecting.

He lives with his mother and dutifully vacations with his father every summer, though he finds these trips together painfully awkward.

In his exchanges with the nurse who comes to give him his daily tranquilizing injections it becomes clear that Abelardo believes that he spends the winters in Norway, where vlgilante is a watchman charged with protecting the fjords from terrorist attacks.

Samantha Schnee This collection of eight stories explores anxiety in many different shapes and forms. He is a talented storyteller who has mastered the form; several of these stories might have appeared in the New Yorker magazine in terms of both quality and content.

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