Es el fin del mundo tal y como lo conocíamos Los mayores miedos de la humanidad han saltado de la ficción a la realidad. Wanderer es una. Writers: Andrew Niccol (screenplay), Stephenie Meyer (novel). Stars: Saoirse Ronan, Max Irons, . Also Known As: La huésped See more». Filming Locations . el huesped stephenie Meyer. 7 likes. Book. el huesped stephenie Meyer. Privacy · Terms. About. el huesped stephenie Meyer. Book. 7 people like this topic.

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Even when they find the Seeker, who does nothing, Wanda, in her immense goodness, finds a way to not only humanize the Seeker, but to rescue her. Do you want to be normal and popular again after your dramatic fail, you know what I am talking about, of-course, The Twilight series? They met when Mel was robbing someone, and they both thought the other one was Soul And that will never change, no matter what I might become. The book was too shallow and slow enough that I probably wouldn’t read it again.

Her girls in particular are, well dumb, always jumping to the wrong conclusions, never wanting to believe they could be loved.

I still don’t think Stephenie Meyer is a good writer, but she’s a decent storyteller. The situation must be like: Those are more accurate phrases, more fitting descriptions of my reaction at the end of this book.

However, I held in my bias and decided to stepheine it a try, besides after Sparkling Vampires how much worse can it possibly get? The Host is about a species of huespeed who call themselves Souls. It is just plain ridiculous!

El huésped / The Host (MTI)

Give me a break! This book is fucking stupid. Well, it was worth a try. The book is poison to the Sci-Fi genre. Oh boy, were they wrong! The only downside that i had was that i watched the movie first – therefore i knew what was going to happen.


La Huésped – Stephenie Meyer | Wishlist | Pinterest | Books, Novels and Reading

As Wanderer gradually gets to know and understand Melanie, she dreams more and more of Jared and Jamie until she finds herself ruled by Melanie’s desire to find them, a desire stronger than the need to keep them safe from the parasites. By telling them stories about the creatures she’s been on all the ridiculously named planets she’s been on.

It clearly looked like she was writing this book for a movie. The point is made that she loves him because her body, Melanie’s body, loves mfyer and responds to him, and her mind too in a way. There is enough action to keep you reading, but the story is deeper than that, it’s not about what the characters do but why they do huespev, it’s not about whom they love but why they can’t resist the feeling, it’s not about what they say but about what they think.

I do have to say that maybe my expectations were a little too high for this book and that is why I am disappointed. I find it interesting that t It’s no secret that I did not jump on the Twilight bandwagon. In The Host, the parasites give people a shine around their pupil.

Melanie you are a turd and should go away, except take Mel with you. The story ends on a note of hope. The story is just not interesting because it doesn’t even seem like she’s trying. And she is a fighter. And if, IF he is cast-ed as Ian, If will die with joy and have tears in my eyes of pure happiness.

I went to high school in Scottsdale, Arizona, the kind of place where every fall a few girls would come back to school with new noses and there were Porsches in the student lot. In Twilight, red-eyed vamps are the bad guys and golden-eyed vamps are the good guys I don’t remember if anyone says what wl eyes the vamps who drink donated blood from a bag have.


The idea is so cool. I don’t care if it is for people who “don’t like Sci-Fi”, as a writer she should have a little damn respect for the genre that she is writing in. We were settled in Phoenix by the time I was four, and I think of myself as a native.

It’s totally awesome when that happens. Was it because juesped was exclusive and capricious?

La huésped = The host

I’ve tried to understand it, tried to give it the benefit of my time, and all i get out of it is a surge in my blood pressure from pure undiluted frustration.

He hurt Wanda many times and he said many many unkind things. Someone, at some point, must have seen some good stuff in him. Due to Melanie’s influence Wanda escapes her Seeker our antagonist. Wanda, the Soul, is one of the most kind of them all. After all writers get better the more they write don’t they? I’m a huge fan of Stephenie Meyer, she’s one of the authors that fl me want to start writing, but I couldn’t possibly be as skilled of a writer than she is.

Not to save five billion lives.