A discussion of hidden lore, inner lore, rune worlds, runic numerology, runic Edred Thorsson Thorsson goes over many different areas in this book. Thorsson, Edred. Runelore: a handbook of esoteric runology. Bibliography: p. I. Rune-Miscellanea. 2. Magic 3. Inscriptions, Runic. 4. O ld Norse poetry. I. Tide. Runelore is divided into two parts. In Part One of Runelore, Historical Lore, Thorsson uses archaeological evidence to explain where the runes come from, what.

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The books are certainly worth reading, though they don’t fit well into the sort of “strict reconstructionism” that has become trendy in some Asatru circles — esoteric practices never will and for good reason. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Apr 09, Joseph F.

Are his books Asatru specific? Thanks so much for such an I depth response.

Included are specific sections on rune magic and divination, rune poems, runic numerology, and concise explanations of the mysteries of the 24 runes. Looks like I will be digging into this all night and for quite some time to come. Thorsson is immensely knowledgeable and well studied. Refresh and try again. I hear this claimed often, but almost never elaborated on or cited. Here we delve into the esoteric meanings and lore of the Elder Futhark.

Thorsson presents much of the current scholarship on runes and ancient Norse religion in a digestible fashion, colored with h Edred Thorsson has an interesting goal with this book as with much of his writing: A discussion of hidden lore, inner lore, rune worlds, runic numerology, runic psychology, runelore of the Gods, esoteric theology and more. Everything from the different ages of runes thoreson Log in or sign up in seconds. Book written by Edred Thorsson has references to sources from books by Stephen Flowers.

If you read his LHP and Runic books you will see a sharp difference of viewpoint. The long and the short of what I am getting is the more info you have the better your understanding will be.


I ruhe know from personal discussions with him that his Runic views are not the same as his LHP publications.

This and Futhark are the books to read to learn about the runes.

Runelore: The Magic, History, and Hidden Codes of the Runes

I think it is worth reading but like all writings, I would be concerned if you agreed with it all uncritically. Thorsson goes over many different areas in this book.

Reference any threads that may have touched on but not answered your question or topic.

Seems like Asatru may have been what I needed to look into all along to get a firm grasp on what is accurate and to cut out the BS I keep unknowingly finding and reading. So while I am esred noob in the Heathen path, I have done a lot of reading on the runes, and those two books are my personal favorites.

Runelore: The Magic, History, and Hidden Codes of the Runes by Edred Thorsson

Take my suggestiongs as you may. New with this book is far more information on the Elder runes, runic codes and poems, cosmology and more. Obviously, this isn’t going to interest everyone.

Simply a practicing Norse heathen without claiming any organize religion or path within those parameters. I don’t actually know if this is deliberate or not it could be a starting point, to be rejected and hopefully returned to later but I don’t personally find this helpful. Wounded by a spear and losing an eye to the ravens, the runes were said to have risen from the roots of the tree and Odin received their knowledge. But thank you for your book suggestions. Edred Thorsson has an interesting goal with this book as with much of his writing: Rune Lore of the Gods.

But that cuts out a larger series of insights I have gained since this has been written.

How bad are Edred Thorsson books? : asatru

But as authors our viewpoints evolve. Are you looking for information on rune lore specifically? Part One—Historical Lore—goes way more in depth than the previous volume with over ninety pages dedicated to the runes and their records, which I enjoyed immensely being the history nut I am. Charles rated it it was amazing May 26, If so, Pollington’s primer on the runes is pretty good, and others have recommended the first half of Diana Paxon’s Taking up the Runes.


Aug 28, Julie rated it really liked it. Thank you, this is very useful. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Odinists, Heathens, Chaos Magicians. I like thorsson but it is not fully balanced to me But being pretty new to studying this stuff, it is hard to always know what is factual and academic versus what is false new-age Norse flavored occultism.

Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. Katharine Kerr rated it really liked it Oct 04, Derek Edgington rated it it was amazing Feb 23, I’ve noticed he references himself as a source several times in his books. I get the feeling Flower’s started out very respectable and strived for historical accuracy as much as possible but then got a bit crazy.

He received his doctorate in Germanic languages and Medieval Studies from the University of Texas and has published over two dozen on Esoteric Runology. The first is that my view of fate and time has changed quite a bit since I wrote the book. My copy has gotten a good wearing out as I use it for reference often.

Contents Elder Runes to C E. An Introduction to the Elder Runic Tradition.

New with Legend tells that the runic wisdom was brought to the gods and people by way of the god Odin.