Emu procussion Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Emu procussion Operation Manual. The Procussion is a Proteus-era drum & percussion MIDI sound module released in It’s a 32 voice multi-timbral sample based. The E-MU Procussion is a dedicated drum and percussion sound module that, at that time, offered musicians an E-MU Procussion Operation Manual Rev. A.

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EMU procussion Operation Manual

Reverse can be turned On or Off for each layer in the 8 custom stacks. If theProcussion is rack mounted, a standard 19 inch open frame rack must be used.

To print the manual completely, please, download it. Procussion The Kit is a complete set of all program parameters for a set of up to 24 Procussion drum Stacks.

Kits are unalterable factory kits; Kits are user kits which can be changed.


Index Procussion operation manual Index A-M INDEX accent 40, 56, 64 headphones 7 aftertouch See pressure hi-hat alternate envelope 62 pedal connection 12 See also envelope generator switch mode 66 alternate switch mode 66 tutorial 81 assignment mode 54 hold 38, Wet Kick 4 For example, the tuning or other parameter can be edited, then the kit can be saved to a user location Editing Kits The easiest way to make a kit is to edit an existing kit.


Periodically wipe the unit with a clean, lint free cloth. Procussion operation manual Index T-Z INDEX threshold switch mode 66 tone 42, 56, 64 transpose 21 triangle wave 39, 63 triggering, footswitch 57 trigger mode 26, 38 trigger tempo 25, 59, 80 tuning master tune 20 instrument tuning 60 tuning zones 52, Programming Basics section of this manual and have a basic understanding of the Procussion architecture.

Procussion Block Diagram Pitch Env. Metal Hat 2 To Copy a Stack: Up to 4 simultaneous patches may be programmed Tune this first layer to your liking, then press Enter.

Rotate the data entry control to select MIDI When using the Anatek Pocket Pedal, the first pedal move- ment determines the The diagram above shows how to connect the Procussion as a full pedal’s polarity.

The DX has pitch and modulation wheels, a breath controller, a data slider and a foot pedal, all of which transmit their values over MIDI. Procussion lets you connect the modulation sources in almost any pos- sible way to the modulation destinations.


Emu procussion Manuals

Connection Instructions System This diagram shows a typical equipment setup for the Procussion. Tam Kick 1 Two MIDI bytes lsb, msb are required for each bit data word.

This is a safety feature. If there is no serial number sticker on your Procussion, please contact E-mu Systems at once. Master Settings will set The classic Roland TR kit! Page 3 Hi-Hat Investigation Wind Cycle 4 When power is applied, the liquid crystal display will light, indicating that the Procussion is operating.

Dry Kick 5 Table E-nu Contents Zone Maps I pgocussion get it soon but i haven’t found any information.

Pedal Hat B Don’t have an account? The assignment mode affects note polyphony and interaction. The 16 bit samples are arranged into kit locations, 64 of which are user-programmable.