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For base and brown coats, substrates must be: • suitable and comply with the French Building Code (DTU ). • moistened until saturation point the day before. Aerial lime binder pre-formulated for masoning and rough-rendering. Complies with the French Building Code (DTU and ). Definitions and areas of use. aggregates in compliance with the French Building Code (DTU ) and the. French Professional Rules for the Construction of Hempcrete Structures.

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One-layer, semi-lightweight coloured plaster. Composed of natural lime, white cement, graded sand, perlite, mineral pigments and specific additives.

To be applied in two dfu to an overall thickness of 10 mm. Intended for use as a bulk coloured plaster for waterproofing and decoration of the following:.



Not recommended for use on gypsum coatings. Combinations of sun and shade on the surface may lead to variations in tone. Consult manufacturer’s literature for details on recommended substrate preparation and mixing instructions. Consult manufacturer for further details. ddtu

Fassacouche Through Colour Render – Fassa UK Ltd

Each product clause is authored in NBS format and is intended for inclusion in project specifications. Please note that NBS product guidance is not a replacement for the manufacturer’s literature and it is recommended that Fassa UK Ltd be consulted before specifying.

To find out more about producing specifications for building projects visit www. Fassacouche Through Colour Render.

ES Ytong Monolithic Wall R=3,53 m²K/W d=318 mm Ytong BLOQUE 30/350

High yield of 1. The use of inorganic pigments gives improved lightfastness, and results in uniform colours which will not fade over time.


Does not require accelerators or retarders in order to modify hardening times — and can be finished in 3—3. Highly permeable to dtk vapour, with a good water vapour diffusion resistance.

Can be given a scratched, floated, sponge floated or smooth finish just a few hours after application. Intended for use as a bulk coloured plaster for waterproofing and decoration of the following: The following content references this product:.

Density of hardened plaster: Compressive strength to EN Water vapour diffusion resistance factor dty EN Capillary water absorption coefficient to EN Thermal conductivity coefficient to EN Conformity to EN Your browser does not support automatic copy to clipboard.

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