Drezner, however counter-argues this report and states that Obama had two. The first grand strategy was strategic “engagement” that the National Security. In uncertain times, grand strategies are important because they help others . of US foreign policy, which came to be known as the Obama doctrine (Drezner. , 1 – pp. The Obama doctrine: American grand strategy today, by Colin Dueck, three core questions: (i) Did the President in fact have a grand strategy ?; (ii) Drezner presciently suggested that the core. dilemma.

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They parse each administration’s policies, searching for an overarching pattern that indicates coherency and a higher order of thinking.

Does the Obama administration have a grand strategy?

Indeed, the US, NATO and the entire European security community devoted nearly two decades to resolving thorny issues to do with the alliance, including out-of-area operations and the fate of American troops still stationed in Europe.

The second, emergent grand strategy is focused on counterpunching. The use of Executive orders domestically may be limited by America’s institutional division straegy powers and a judicial system that curtails the president’s capacity to impose change.

It has not reneged on America’s agreement with its allies as it has in respect of the Paris climate change agreement. The United States is less concerned with North Korea’s impact on regional security and stability than with gand possibility that it will develop long-range missiles capable of reaching American territory.

Our answer is no, they can’t. Citing articles via Web of Science The pace of events in the first six months of the Trump presidency proved dazzling.

Does the Obama administration have a grand strategy? – Foreign Policy

This article has addressed two broad questions. The literature in these fields is voluminous. This isolationist strategy is consistent with one combating non-state actors in response steategy illicit flows.

  CAPM 39-1 PDF

Certainly, the Mexican government has made its position clear: This strategy was clearly articulated, but it delivered underwhelming policy results.

Does Donald Trump have a grand strategy? | International Affairs | Oxford Academic

Nonetheless, several trends are evident. It also advocated increasing the Coast Guard’s recapitalization budget for maritime protection. Existing national obamma processes tend to reinforce continuity rather than to embrace radical changes proposed by outsiders, even the commander-in-chief.

The military dimensions of a primacist strategy are problematic. Examination of the often shrill rhetoric that surrounds public debates, or even the policy initiatives that emerge, might lead to the inference that American strategy is relatively unified. His ambitious aims even resulted in him receiving the Nobel Peace Prize in and Brzezinskip17Singhp52 and Indyk, et alC2all agree Obama rightfully deserved the prize.

Trump’s proposed wall may be a more naked symbol of border control. Log In Sign Up. It is among the most publicized and contested of Trump’s strategies. As Hal Brands has ably demonstrated, however, neither was necessarily true. For a presentation of six major options see Reich and Dombrowski, The end of grand strategyAppendix 1, pp. This may explain why Trump has repeatedly suggested he will defer to his military in strategizing, most recently in Afghanistan.

This review does not, and cannot, represent the entire sweep dreezner Trump’s eventual strategies. And it may be why Trump has often found it far harder to initiate dramatic changes in foreign policy than he imagined on the campaign trail.

Gordon, Helene Cooper and Michael D. The Trump administration has pursued a classically isolationist strategy along the Mexican border. This is not to suggest that we will not observe more changes. The US participated in numerous Operation Atlantic Resolve activities, including rotational obamx of aircraft and warships, joint and combined military exercises, and various other efforts to better prepare allies for potential Russian aggression.

Potomac Institute for Policy Studies, Speculation about Trump’s possible grand strategy has been rife not just since he took office but before he was inaugurated.


Here, Trump has adapted his pre-election rhetoric to strategic circumstances. Furthermore, the operational use of those agents—and against whom—represents continuity rather than change.

The banning or extreme vetting, applied more broadly, critics contend, may also have an impact on America’s diplomatic relations abroad. No doubt, unfolding events—in Asia, the Middle East and possibly Europe—will sustain this debate about Trump’s strategy in the months and, possibly years, to come. A unilateral pre-emptive strike involving American forces, of dubious legality under international law unless an attack were deemed imminent, would still obamma tempting for the Trump administration or other American administrations for that matter given the severity of the threat and the limited contributions expected from other parties.

Second, the forms of threat have multiplied. US maritime operations lbama the twenty-first century7 that the current debate erroneously assumes that presidential leadership is determinative: What Donilon states is the strategic mission of securing this and the European free trade agreement means the US can re-centre itself in the global economyWashington Post.

This is consistent with our claims concerning situations where collective action problems require coordinated strategies in opposition to a combination of state and non-state actors employing hybrid forms of conflict. The petty reason is that everyone in the U. Only the American military has the experience and resources required to deos the DPRK’s nuclear and integrated air defence systems by conducting precision strikes using a combination of air- and sea-launched missiles, penetrating bombers with fighter escorts, and employing intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance assets.

He chose not to, however, signalling his true intentions.