Setting, Value. AccessibleTablix, Indicates whether to render with additional accessibility metadata for use with screen readers. The additional. Setting, Value. Encoding, The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) name of a character encoding that is supported by the. Setting, Value. AccessiblePDF, Indicates whether to render an accessible/tagged PDF, which is larger in size but easier for screen readers and.

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MarginBottom The bottom margin value, in inches, to set for the report. We use many repports maybe or more and I don’t want to change settings for all. If you have any question, please feel free to ask. You can consider to increase the recycle time to decrease the possibility to encounter it. To modify default device information settings that are used by a rendering extension that is already deployed on report devicceinfo, we must type the DeviceInfo XML structure into the RSReportServer.

You must include an integer or decimal value followed by “in” for example, 11in.

The device information settings for the CSV rendering extension allow delimiters and qualifiers to be changed and line break handling to be specified. To modify default device information settings that are used by a rendering extension that is already deployed on your report server, you must type the DeviceInfo XML structure into the configuration files.

Otherwise, all versions of the extension will appear to have the same name in the Export options list on the report toolbar. The default value of this parameter is true.


You can change the default field delimiter to any character that you want, including TAB, by changing the device information settings in the configuration file.

The target for hyperlinks in the report.

MarginBottom The bottom margin value, in inches, to set for the report. Will my images in the report be the same resolution as the images I use? PrintDpiX The horizontal resolution of the output image.

CSV Device Information Settings – SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) | Microsoft Docs

Maybe the other option is better because on it, I can change one settings only on this repport right? You can use this setting to specify a root path for the images in a report for example, https: Configuration settings for report output formats are specified as rendering extension parameters in the RSReportServer.

PageHeight The page height, in inches, to set for the report. The following example illustrates how to provide a custom name on an English report server: Setting Value Columns The number of columns to set for the report. If you are configuring multiple versions of the same extension, you can give each version a unique name by providing a value for OverrideNames. This value overrides the report’s original settings. Wednesday, August 24, The default value is false. Specify a unique display name so that users can understand the differences for each output format.

You can replace the default display name with a custom value by specifying the OverrideNames element in the deviceinof files. If the value of this parameter is falseall remaining options except the document map are ignored. PageWidth The page width, in inches, to set for the report.


Image Device Information Settings

Office Office Exchange Server. The size of the report and resolution of the images inside it stay the same regardless of the deviceInfo settings. Hi matteu, If you choose to change recycle time setting in configuration file on report server, this setting applies to all the reports deployed to report server. Indicates whether JavaScript is supported deviceingo the rendered report. For others, the default value is false. Each instance must have a unique value for the Name attribute.

MarginLeft The left margin value, in inches, to set for the report.

Indicates whether to consolidate the rendered chart, map, devcieinfo, and indicator images into one large image. I’m just concerned that my PDF’s will not be able to have high enough resolution images to be accepted by the mail house, They require a minimum of dpi.

The report zoom value as an integer percentage or a string constant. Thanks, Wendy Fu If you have any feedback on our support, please click here. The string to prepend to all drillthrough, toggle, and bookmark links in the report when rendered outside of the ReportViewer control. This parameter is ignored by versions of Microsoft Deiceinfo Explorer earlier than Internet Explorer 5.