Deadlands Classic: 20th Anniversary Edition Core Rulebook – This is the best version of Deadlands Classic, including both the original Player’s. Conversion rules for D20 and Savage Worlds can be found at WWW. No, we don’t have any plans to bundle Deadlands D20, Weird Wars, or our other great. Deadlands: The Weird West Roleplaying Game, Core rulebook, The Quick & the Dead, Expanded general rules,

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List of Deadlands: The Weird West publications – Wikipedia

This is a list of the publications released for the roleplaying game Deadlands: The game was originally released using its own custom rules, and has since been published using the d20 systemGURPS and Savage Worlds rules. The Deadlands world was expanded with a post-apocalyptic setting entitled Deadlands: Hell on Earth ; a list of the publications for this setting can be found here.

The deadpand Deadlands system used a custom set of rules and was published by Pinnacle Entertainment Group. Deadlands Dime Novels were works of short fiction, primarily starring undead gunslinger Ronan Lynch, which also included maps and statistics which gamemasters could use to incorporate elements from the story into their game.

Cardstock Cowboys were a line of 3D stand-up figures that could be used for miniature-based combat in Deadlands games, available in a series of themed packs. InWizards of the Coastproduced a set of Deadlands rulebooks using their d20 system.

It requires the original Savage Worlds rulebook to use. In they began publishing Savage Worlds rulebooks for the Hell on Earth setting as well. Savage Worlds adventures come in two formats – Savage Tales, which are designed as standalone adventures, and Plot Point campaigns, which are looser in design and made up of a series of self-contained adventures which link together and build to a climax over time, with the intention that smaller events be woven throughout at the GM’s discretion.

The following are the rulebooks and expansions published for the game. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved from ” https: Deadlands Lists about role-playing games Science fiction role-playing game supplements Series of books. Views Read Edit View history.

Deadlands | Product categories | Pinnacle Entertainment Group

This page was last edited on 17 Augustat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Boxed set including maps and a rulebook detailing the labyrinth of chasms that was once California, an adventure, and rules for martial arts characters. Boxed set of maps and information for setting adventures in Salt Lake City, as well as advanced rules for mechanical augmentations and a game called skullchucker. Boxed set including maps and rulebooks for setting adventures in New Orleans or on a Mississippi riverboat, as well as an adventure and rules for voodoo.

Maps and information for setting adventures in the town of Gomorrah, California, a tie-in with the Deadlands: Doomtown collectible card game. Boxed set including descriptions of several towns, an adventure, and tiles for designing new towns for use in Deadlands or Great Rail Wars.


List of Deadlands: The Weird West publications

Information for setting adventures in the Distinguished Collegium of Interspatial Physics, as well as new inventions and expanded rules for Mad Scientist characters. An adventure in the Utah Salt Flats which pits the players against the crew of a haunted Spanish Galleon. An adventure which sends the players in search of the City of Ghouls in the depths of the Grand Canyon.

A top Agency operative, known only as the Ghost, is kidnapped from Gomorrah, and the posse track him down. A Mad Scientist’s airship is stolen, along with a weapon of terrible power, and the posse must race against time to get it back.

The posse start by looking into suspicious activity in Gomorra and end up being involved in an enormous, nationwide conspiracy. Ronan finds himself aboard the legendarily haunted Night Train. Includes a scenario for Deadlands: The Rulebbook Rail Wars. Ronan must ally with a pack of werewolves against a common foe in an official crossover with White Wolf’s Werewolf: The Wild West setting. Ronan and his companions cross worlds from the Weird West to the Savage West along with their werewolf companions.

The conclusion to the trilogy; both worlds hang in the dearland as the heroes battle the evil Dr. Includes a tie-in scenario for Deadlands: Ronan finds himself in the town of Hilton Springs, Nevada, which is on brink of destruction by Mojave Rattlers, enormous underground sand worms.

Ronan find himself face to face with the terrors of the Cthulhu mythos in an official crossover with Chaosium’s Call of Cthulhu. Notebook for players to keep notes on their adventures, as well as a set of expanded character sheets. Information on a conspiracy amongst a rulevook of Deadlands villains, including Black River, the Bayou Vermillion, and the Whateley family.

Core rulebook for players. Contains Savage Worlds rules for the Deadlands setting and updates the in-game year to Available in both standard size and smaller “Explorer’s Edition”. Core rulebook for gamemasters. A Savage Tale in which the posse travel to Mexico, avoid the foreign legion and get mixed up in a revolution.

A Plot Point campaign which involves the posse in the Great Rail Wars and the battle to secure California’s ghost rock supplies, pitting them against the evil Reverend Grimme. Includes new rules for martial arts and steam vessels as well as extensive details on California’s Great Maze.

The posse find themselves on a train packed rulebooj Mad Scientists, travelling to Kansas Scientific Exposition, all competing for a contract with Hellstromme Industries.

A sequel to the classic Deadlands adventure Night Train. A set of encounters and rulebokk adventures designed for use while the posse travels from one point in the Weird Rulebooo to another. A Savage Tale set in Wichita, Rulebkok, in which several people have fallen into comas, and the locals claim that the Devil is coming to claim their souls. The first part of the Blood Drive campaign, which sees the posse join a cattle drive that spans the length of the Weird West. The three modules may be played as separate adventures or one after the other.


The posse travel to Truckee Pass in the Sierra Nevadas to locate a missing party, and find themselves falling foul of cannibalistic locals. A Plot Point campaign which involves the posse in the ongoing war between Native American and government factions in the disputed territories.

Includes expanded rules for shaman characters as well as extensive rrulebook detail on The Agency and the Texas Rangers, as well as several self contained Savage Tales, one of which is a Reloaded conversion of the classic Deadlands adventure Night Train.

Clover Mesa, better known as Manitou Bluff, was once the dumping grounds for the dregs of the Great Maze, and now that a motherlode of Ghost Rock has been uncovered, the Wasatch Rail Corporations, Kang’s Triad and more are going to war for it. Information, maps and adventure ideas for locations in Mexico, including several Savage Tales and a mini Plot Point campaign.

Maps and information on seven minor rulebopk around the Weird West, as well as rules and tools for quickly creating new towns on the fly. A Dime Novel in which the posse find themselves trapped between the Menominee Indians of Norther Wisconsin and the manitou who preys on them.

Contains stats for play the original Deadlandsd20 and Savage Worlds rules. A Dime Novel featuring the town of Hoba Hills, which is hosting a quickdraw competition in which the posse becomes involved. Only Savage Worlds rules are provided. A Dime Novel – In a small town on Mount Frostbite, the posse must solve a series of murders which may lead back to an old evil in the town’s history.

A gamemaster’s screen with quick reference tables on the back.

Extra copies of the unit cards in the original boxed set, as well as blank troop cards for creating new units. Adds rules for oversized land, air and sea rigs, as well as trains, including the required troop cards, upgrade cards and counters. Includes expanded rules for duels, experience and veteran troops, as well as a number of new scenarios.

Adds a number of new troops for every faction, as well as a new scenario which follows on from one of those included in A Fist Full of Ghost Edadland. Adds two new hero classes, as well as new spells, Harrowed powers, gizmos, Edges and Hindrances. Adds new rules for battlefields, duelling and weather effects. A scenario focussed on mysterious flying disc deaddland over Fort 51, and the race between the various Rail Barons to secure rylebook mysteries for themselves.