Two aspects of professional work create the special management challenges of the professional service firm. First, professional services involve a high degree. Managing The Professional Service Firm by David H. Maister – International expert and consultant David Maister offers a brilliant and accessible guide to every. Managing The Professional Service Firm has ratings and 48 reviews. Pavel said: Очень толковая книга. Будет полезно прочитать и тем, кто не работает .

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And unfortunately it is never as easy as it sounds. Drawing on more than ten years of research and consulting to these unique and creative companies, David Maister explores issues ranging from marketing and business development to multinational strategies, human resources policies to profit improvement, strategic planning to effective leadership. maanging

Maister, one of the world’s leading authorities on the management of professional service firms, is the author of several successful books, including Managing the Professional Service Firm, True Professionalism, and Practice What You Preach, and coauthor of The Trusted Advisor.

There are so many questions discussed that a manager of a professional service firm or a business unit faces on an everyday basis. The key elements of this type of professional service are creativity, innovation, and the pioneering of new approaches, concepts or techniques: The senior craftsmen manaigng the hard work and assistance of the juniors by teaching them their craft.

These topics were particularly interesting to me given personal experience in an environment overly focused on raw numbers. With a total of ten seniors in year 5, twenty middle-level staff are required.

Review of Managing the Professional Services Firm by David Maister | Darrell Norton

Very straightforward and practical guide to a Professional Services firm. An exception might be provided by those professions where legal requirements such as professional certification necessitate that juniors spend time in a firm. Because of the date it was writtenand the fact that it was really a compilation of articles written a few years earlier than that, the majority of the employees at that time were boomers, who were very loyal to their job, and desired to work their whole career for one employer.


The professional service firm may be viewed as the modern embodiment of the medieval craftsman’s shop, with its apprentices, journeymen, and master craftsmen. Management of a professional firm requires a delicate balancing act between the demands of the client marketplace, the realities of the people marketplace the market for staffand the firm’s economic ambitions.

The key point to note here is that, given a growth rate and jaister organizational structure, the target turnover rate of the firm can be specified. While these issues can be complex, Maister simplifies them by recognising professionla ‘every professional service firm in the world, regardless of size, specific profession, or country of operation, has the same mission statement: The models proposed need updating for an age where Artificial Intelligence will replace much of the grunt-work that once supported stellar Partner drawings and younger incomers are prrofessional about the dollars being earned from their long hours.

Each project requires percent of a middle-level person. Pretty readable for how dense profezsional is, but xavid still took me a few months to finish.

Partners are the key to the professional services firm. In this example, Guru Associates can achieve what would be considered an extremely low target turnover rate if it achieves its optimal growth.

Must redeem within 90 days. Sign up and get a free eBook! As demonstrated below, a significant portion of partnership profits derives from the surplus generated from hiring staff at a given salary and billing them out at multiples of that salary. Brains, Grey Ffirm, and Procedure projects. They are people getting bored easily and they are always seeking out new challenges. It will be recalled that there are four of them.


Review of Managing the Professional Services Firm by David Maister

A Question of Balance. The project team manaaging of the firm is therefore an important component of firm profitability. October 16, at 1: As we shall see, there is a strong incentive for the firm professjonal encourage them to leave, since they are occupying slots eagerly sought by the juniors coming up behind them.

Trivia About Managing The Prof Mar 15, Bruce Fieggen rated it it was amazing. As Table shows, Guru Associates must double in size every four years solely to preserve its promotion incentives.

This promotion sfrvice serves an essential screening function for the firm. And if you hire consulting firms, this certainly offers a lot of insight into the consulting industry.

> Managing the Professional Service Firm

Apr 26, Provessional rated it really liked it. Designing a Method for the Valuation You know, those companies with more than a couple loosely-connected independent contractors?

Refresh and try again. Unless there is a change in either the project team structure i. Nov 25, Becks rated it it was amazing. Order your copy today!