Is a popular perfect pitch course a revelation or a scam? I can’t shake the feeling that David Lucas Burge and his Perfect Pitch Ear Training. David Lucas Burge stunned the music world when he released his original Perfect Pitch method way back in He published his method in a small booklet. However it is possible to teach yourself absolute pitch. You can buy courses such as David Lucas Burge’s Perfect Pitch Supercourse, Pitch.

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But I never understood how Perfect Pitch works! I would have done anything to have an ear like Linda. I start over, this time trying not to squint.

Perfect Pitch Ear Training SuperCourse A+

To my horror, they scheduled me that year as the grand finale of the event. Find all posts by MPDmike. Read reviews that mention perfect pitch david lucas ear training lucas burge waste of time relative pitch much time notes and try total waste spend time get perfect absolute pitch pitch course pitch that even course perfect note listening exercises playing progress.


Level 1 David Lucas Burge 3.

When you know each pitch by ear, musical tones become yours to command. Maybe not great, but at least good. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon.

But Perfect Pitch was too good to believe. I had barely touched the key. My buddy’s wife used to work for picth non-profit that used to do aptitude testing, and one of the tests was pitch discrimination.

David Lucas Burge: Ear Training- is it worth it? – Soundsonline-Forums

We became instant celebrities. I tried to stick to it my fall quarter but eventually stopped. User Name Remember Me? It all seemed so odd and contradictory.

Hear It for Yourself. And that was all I could get out of her! They had always been there. Day after day I tried to memorize those elusive tones, but nothing worked. People who lucss before they could never hear such things were ecstatic.

Doctor of Music

Plus, you’ll get to put your own stamp of experience on it, rather than someone elses method. I needed one more hurge It all started in ninth grade as a sort of teenage rivalry.

I’ve seen these ads in music magazines touting all the benefits of this ear training course to bestow nearly perfect pitch for all who take this course. Please don’t be fooled by the competitors who have rushed in to capitalize on Burge’s success. You could also see if a local college will let you audit a first semester ear-training course You can be sure I tried it myself. I don’t remember a time when I didn’t have Perfect Pitch.


Humiliated and puzzled, I went home to work on this problem. I had barely touched the key. So whether you think it can be taught or not, at the end of the day it’s your music that counts.

She’ll never guess FI thought. This was a great business idea bordering on a scam before the internet, but now there are plenty of online forums all showing that not a single person has ever become a perfect pitch possessor as a result of Burge’s course.