A controversial and influential voice in the philosophy of science, Paul K. Feyerabend was born and educated in Vienna. After military service during World War. Tratado Contra El Metodo (Filosofia y Ensayo / Philosophy and Essay) by Paul K. Feyerabend at – ISBN – ISBN Tratado contra el metodo by Paul K. Feyerabend at – ISBN – ISBN – Softcover.

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Below are my notes while reading. Why did no one have this eureka moment one hundred years ago? They start to wonder that if everything we know might be wrong and only by messing around do they begin to come up with a revolutionary theory.

Against Method: Outline of an Anarchistic Theory of Knowledge by Paul Karl Feyerabend

Theories describe their own problem spaces. The biggest part of the book however is concerned with the methodology we use when we have to choose between two competing theories. Firstly, it comes from an early period of modern science in which mathematics was not established as the language of argument.

By the time we leave Galileo and his telescope which, contra to Feyerabend’s claim on p. But in an era where workers’ rights have been massively eviscerated, scientific research grotesquely corporatized, and in which a radically anti-rational American right has used its influence to prevent environmental justice and declare unilateral war in the Middle East, the argument that science fails to serve society just doesn’t stand.

To solve the issue, criticism is set forth that removes the prior theory and creates a new one with new problems. Most scholars counterargued him by saying: Interestingly, Feyerabend says, only a few pages later, that, “Lakatos does not really differ from the traditional epistemologists. For this feyerbend, we cannot ignore old passed-over ideas on the assumption that they are wrong.

In my view, there are actually quite intuitive ideas that only seem natural and not much mwtodo a surprise. Another problem that appears when we believe in events that are independent of our theories is that there are some terms so integrated in our language that define the way we see things.

Dec 24, Nils rated it really liked it Shelves: The problem is not science, but the way it is practiced by the scientists. From here he moves on to argue that there is no such unitary thing as ‘science’ at all, only a series of different endeavors utilizing different, permanently incompatible sets of theories and practices.

The methods that philosophers of science come up with are not compatible with what really happened historically, which means that if we adhered to them we should have kept, for example, the geocentric system.


In that respect, Against Method succeeds. He argues that there are basic, fundamental limitations on human knowledge which necessitate that facts be constructed from theories and not vice versa, and that this means that new problems can only be solved when given total freedom from the constraints of the dominant norms and theories.

He could mean deyerabend he says, by claiming that his methodological anarchism is what we should do or he could only be saying what he says to give us a different framework so that we can have something else to compare our methodologies with.

It will eventually wither away in not being able to face empiric criticism.

As existing methodologies are predicated on falsified facts agreedscientists must take a step back and re-examine and re-construct the so called building blocks of theorems in order to arrive at a new experience of reality, even if recontextualizing methodological qualia means introducing irrational alternatives.

This basically means that whichever theory comes first wins because it sets the terms and the feyedabend.

Tratado Contra El Metodo

Paul Feyerabend’s acclaimed work, which has contributed greatly to this new emphasis, shows the deficiencies of some widespread ideas about the nature of knowledge. A hero, yes, but an example, no. And that a lot of science is simply grasping in the dark.

Feyerabejd dis Against Method is Paul Feyerabend’s profound, brilliant treatise on the tenuous relation between scientific theory and practice. And to those who are afraid that our “progress” will stop he notes that there will always be ants that are ready to restraint themselves and work in the strict guided program of science.

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File:Feyerabend Paul Tratado contra el – Monoskop

There is a break in between how we do science and how we present it to the public – for example, the structure of a scientific publiction has absolutely nothing to do with how the actual results were obtained. Those who back “science” often declare it the absolute monarch of knowledge, place it atop an unassailable throne, and condemn all who ref Truth and meaning are perhaps two of the most polarizing issues one can write about.

It’s too soon after completing this book to know about the lingering part, but it passed all of the other tests. Basically, if Feyerabend’s portrayal of Galileo is true, he was a sort of fanatic who went head-on into a storm of shit he couldn’t completely confirm having only his faith in Copernicus to keep him warm. Their education should be focused on helping them being able to decide what theory they like and prefer, just to avoid being influenced too easily.

But if more and more facts are discovered or constructed with the help of expectations and are later explained by theory, there is no guarantee that at any one point in time, any one scientist will ever be able to omnisciently solve, so to speak, let alone replace, every theory new or old that had been refuted with a successor.


Feyerabend should, undoubtedly, be praised for providing a scathing critique of the status of the scientific enterprise within contemporary society.

One of the underlying criticisms that Feyerabend levels is that all social institutions including science are in fact first and foremost, social institutions. Lacking Lakatos’s counter-arguments as balance, Feyerabend here reads as more provocative and idealistic than he may otherwise intend, and I believe this is important to realize before tackling his case. Not only would this have built a much more comprehensive hence: He argues that theories replace people and actions with theoretical abstrations of people and actions.

The whole thing could be used to back up the flimsy claims of quacks. There are problems with Feyerabend’s account, to be sure. Maybe by now, statistics has done the job Feyerabend wanted other systems to do.

Feb 18, Oliver Wood rated it did not like it. Galileo’s wanted to believe Copernicus’ theory to be true. Mmetodo then suddenly, the next 5 pages are crystal clear and genius!

I read Feyerabend because I know he’s a critical figure in the philosophy of science, not because I expected to agree with anything he said. Mainly the book is about promoting epistemological anarchism which is a sort of methodological relativism.

Tecnos- Philosophy – pages. Thus Expressing it differently, we may say that the assumption of a single coherent world-view that underlies all of science is either a metaphysical hypothesis trying to anticipate a future unity, or a pedagogical fake; or it is an attempt to show, by a judicious up-and downgrading of disciplines, that a synthesis has already been achieved.

Apropos that, Feyerabend points out that Kepler’s optics were too complex for anybody metodp the time and that Galileo probably had no idea why the telescope worked but just got lucky in making it work.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Using that phenomenon as a feyerabedn, I think how I can prove or disprove it – find one way to prove it – and write the paper.

Science is ‘pluralistic’ in that it relies in mult Against Method is a unsystematic book which doesn’t always posit an argument so much as ask a lot of questions.