Schiller introduces the next generation of exercise electrocardiography – CARDIOVIT CS Touch. Being an internationally leading manufacturer of medical. Schiller’s Cardiovit CS excellence unit comes with an automatic ECG measurement system and interpretation feature which accurately measures recorded. Schiller CARDIOVIT CS Stress ECG Machine with Medical Treadmill ( optional). From high-throughput stress labs to small practices, the CS is a.

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Cardiac stress test equipment – CARDIOVIT CS Excellence – SCHILLER

It just takes one mouse click to toggle between the different display presentations: It combines everything you need in your daily routine, including practiceoriented performance data and an unparalleled ease of use.

Directory Services Order Request Patient Demographics Recordings Patient Demographics Order Results Patient record Integration with the SEMA data management system enables the long-term archiving of your data, with easy to use search and editing tools to efficiently manage patients and recordings. Easy operation pays off. Open the catalog to page 7. Features of the Power Cube gas analyser: You can enlarge the measurement windows to full screen with just a mouse click.


The greatest challenge in the exercise test environment is to manage noise and movement artefacts present during the test. The analysis focuses on the determination of the anaerobic threshold AT. No problem at all.

Open the catalog to page 3. Measurement You have a direct overview breath-by-breathalready during the measurement. The scaling of the axis is automatically cardiovti for an optimal presentation at all times. Analysis The correct analysis is crucial because a large amount of data is obtained during cardiopulmonary exercise tests. VT — tidal volume, IC — inspiratory Add the SpO2 measurement option to make your exercise The unique combination of arrhythmia and morphological algorithms creates further application opportunities for the disease management.

Schiller Cardiovit CS200 Ergospiro-Stress Test System

Open the catalog to page 2. The Online Medical Device Exhibition. Thanks to the integrated variable cardiogit flow sensor technology, the CS ergospirometry system offers accurate respiration measurements that are not Compile your individual graph during the measurement. Open the catalog to page 8.

The LFSport software option combines ergospirometry analysis with lactate diagnostics and training schedules — the ideal tool for performance diagnostics Networking options The SEMA database offers numerous networking options. The art of presentation Are you especially interested in one particular diagram? The Online Medical Device Exhibition.


Open the catalog to page 1.


The AT measurements are displayed and therefore serve as plausibility check. Open the catalog to page 5. Anaerobic threshold The analysis can be performed directly after the measurement or whenever you like, thanks to the possibility to re-open a saved measurement. The CS ergospirometry platform enables accurate and reliable cardiopulmonary diagnosis in the case of cardiac failure, for the evaluation of surgical interventions or ventilatory impairment.

Autonomous emercency ECG unique world wide.

Open the catalog to page 4. Breath-by-breath and intrabreath Ergospirometry and dynamic flow-volume curves during exercise tests. Open the catalog to page carrdiovit. Open the catalog to page 4.

Filtering the stress out of stress test data Direct function keys provide single button operation for immediate ECG printouts. Open the catalog to page Cz-200 SCHILLER measurement and interpretation software is the software of choice for hospitals, practices, clinics and clinical research institutes due to its excellent quality and