Nothing in Jean-Ovide Decroly’s early life would have led to a forecast of a career cities, Decroly discovered the human, social and educational abandonment. Ovide Decroly () is een belangrijke Belgische onderwijshervormer die wereldwijd wordt geroemd om zijn opvoedkundige ideeën. Ovide Decroly. LC. Laia Cunill. Updated 27 March Transcript. OVIDE DECROLY. BIOGRAFIA. CENTRES D’INTERÈS. ANTECEDENTS. – Rousseau.

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This page was last edited on 7 Septemberat The Decroly method as a logical innovation because it is reasonable Through decroyl various forms of expression, the child decropy to adapt and integrate into the society setting up a perpetual two way communication. Decroly divided these exercises of association into two categories: Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

In the same way that every organism is born into an environment, the child is born into a social environment.

The educational principles of Decroly are based on the concept of the biological interrelationship between organism and environment. Thus Decroly’s program for schools, based on instinctive passion for knowledge and learning, was centered logically around the motivating interest of the child.

Ovide Decroly

The method requires individual freedom of expression within a context of collective freedom. He proposes that pleasure and pain have the biological function of stimulating man to act according to what is beneficial to him individually, as well as to the human race; they are therefore indispensable factors in the evolutionary process.

Effective teachers respect children’s humanity and their human needs, discourage and restrict children’s negative and destructive tendencies, acknowledge and encourage children’s positive tendencies. However it is important that teachers be instructed to appreciate the significance of ‘freedom in education’. Finally the subject was conceived in terms of problems explained by precise observation, hypothesis drcroly experiment.


Jean Ovide Decroly by Letícia Asbahr on Prezi

These are exercises of association in space, usually referred to collectively as ‘geography’. Dans ce but, il s’est efforce niografia tenir compte de l’etat actuel de la science psychologiqde l’enfant d’une part, des necessites socialeset de l’ambiance dans laquelle l’enfant devra vivre dautre part.

That is, it is a way to experiencing our biological brotherhood with all human beings no matter what their external circumstances. This article does not cite any sources. He was its doctor-director for more than thirty years.

By way of imitation as well as appropriate organization of environment and activities, children could develop that most important habit – working with joy. Modern man of the human species is an intelligent social animal, with the scientific name of “homo sapiens” meaning “knowing man. For example, one’s interest in a fruit could stem from a number of reasons depending on whether the purpose is to eat it, to draw it, to paint it, to study its composition, or to examine the ovjde.

Ovide Decroly – psychopedagoog

Decroly’s pedagogy is not individualist. The curriculum is based on children’s instinctive motivation to satisfy the basic needs for self-respect and self-esteem in the process of mature growth or ‘self-actualisation’. Scientific Pedagogy of Learning for Life: Decroly’s political conception of education: These are dceroly of association in time, traditionally referred to as ‘history’. As a result, the school which he created became a ‘school for life, through life’ ecole pour la vie, par la vie.


Avanzini the author poses the question “Is there reproducibility of didactic models independent of their authors?

In the context of his educational principle of dedroly, Decroly understood that biology, psychology and pedagogy were interrelated. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. His aim was not to build a theoretical work of permament value.

Ovide Decroly by Laia Cunill on Prezi

By way of the decrolyan pedagogical principles, each person’s individuality is formed and strengthened in harmony with the society within the school, itself indispensable to the physical, moral and intellectual development of the children.

Worse still, school life experiences were disconnected from real dexroly experiences at home and in the world outside.

The social conscience and the force of human societies is a function of the spiritual development of the individual human beings. Therefore, to educate the individual child means allowing that individual human organism to grow, live, and manifest his unique individual functions and capacities in a social environment. His school was situated in the country, with animals to raise, seeds to plant and harvest, and with many occasions to observe, and be active in real life.

Hence “positivists” and “positivism” Progress in human history is biogravia on the growth of the capacity for reason to which scientists have contributed.

Decroly did not want to unify in one doctrinal synthesis the ensemble of his conceptions and principles of education and psychology.