The Tenants: A Novel (FSG Classics) [Bernard Malamud, Aleksandar Hemon] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. With a new introduction by. In commemoration of the centenary of Bernard Malamud’s birth (April 26, ), FSG’s Work in Progress will be celebrating this icon of. Complete summary of Bernard Malamud’s The Tenants. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The Tenants.

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Very much of its time in its politics, such politics having dated quite badly in places. But none of malamue previous knowledge about Malamud’s work prepared me for this edgy and disturbing masterpiece. The Tenants by Bernard Malamud. He tricked me into believing that it was a story about self realization in which the hero ties up all of his loose ends after learning his lesson the hard way.

Willie goes crazy and vandalizes Harry’s apartment, including the destruction of Harry’s only copy of his current manuscript. Had I not known this was written by Malamud, I wouldn’t have had the faintest idea from the writing. His landlord, Levenspiel, wants to sell his building; in fact, Harry is the only resident in the building. Unfortunately, other themes dilute the message!

The Tenants: A Novel – Bernard Malamud – Google Books

In the early pages I was immediately struck by Malamud’s style. It is a gritty personal drama, with bits of absurdest comedy and fantasy thrown in at tenantss random intervals.


I recall reading this novel shortly after it had come out in Were there even two writers, or was this all malamuc the internal struggle of one writer? Farrar, Straus and Giroux. In this book Malamud shows a gallows humor beyond any of his other books and in places it can only be described as grotesque. Malamud’s tale of conflicting desires and irreconcilable renants differences is a thinly veiled allegory that draws inspiration from the racial tensions of the late s.

Harry preaches form and structure to a young man whose world has no use for either, and the result is a schism that attains its pinnacle when Harry falls in love with Willie’s white girlfriend Irene, ultimately stealing her away from the other man. I just won’t go overboard with it. Some of the action is forced and the reader loses patience with Harry when his insistence that he must stay in a gernard that is falling to pieces around him begins to seem unreasonable.

Bernard Malamud’s The Tenants, published inis the fraught story of the novelist Harry Lesser, last remaining tenant of a dilapidated New York apartment building. This novel’s conflict, current then, is perennial now; it reveals the slippery nature of the human condition, and the human capacity for violence and undoing. Willie has a white girlfriend. The mistake was mine, not GR’s. Toward the end of the book there are times when the tale spins somewhat out of control as the protagonists descend in their own unique form of madness.


I’ve read Malamud’s first two books and loved them; I even loved the crazy The constant, but seamless 3rd person limited to omniscient narrator can be a bit taxing and requires patience on the reader’s part. It should not be that hard for a professional narrator to distinguish between an angry, down and out, Black seeking revenge, a Jewish landlord and a white, educated, Jewish author having two published books to his name, currently working on his third.

At maalmud, Irene and Harry make sense together. Their differing approaches to writing parallel their differing approaches to heritage and life in general.

Book was OK, movie more so. From Malamkd, the free encyclopedia. The words are clearly spoken and the speed with which the story is read are fine.

The Tenants

The United States Of America. There is not one redeemable thing about them. Henry and Willie tenant artistic rivals and unwilling neighbors, and their uneasy peace is disturbed by the presence of Willie’s white girlfriend Irene and the landlord Levenspiel’s attempts to evict both men and demolish the building. Retrieved from ” https: Eventually he becomes angry with Harry for robbing him of his ability to write naturally, as he has become more and more aware of esthetic difficulties.