Barranca Abajo. LF. Logan Falley. Updated 13 September Transcript. Un analysis de la obra de Florencio Sanchez. Florencio Sánchez is generally considered to be the first dramatist of major particularly Barranca abajo} This phenomenon is curious, since the play at its. The Dramaturgy of Florencio Sánchez: An Analysis of Barranca abajo. René De Costa. Keywords: Specific Literature, Spanish American literature, Time Period.

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This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. They are readying themselves to abandon Zoilo, and he is preparing to hang himself; all floremcio making the last arrangements to carry out a decision to leave, to break the final bond, and in so doing to escape from the tragic grasp of their oppressive relationship.

Se dispone a ahorcarse. Adriana Alejandra rated it it was amazing Florencoi 26, Aniceto arrives to see the family preparing to return to their former home thus betraying his friend Don Zoilo by taking up residence on the estate of zbajo usurper.

The protagonist is literally beaten down. In Sancehz II the enemy is within; the commissioner and his cohort have already established a liaison with the younger women of the family. Repeated patterns of action have the power to cause an observer reader, public, characters to take special notice of whatever differs from the norm. Kathy rated it liked it Oct 02, Evidently, the parallelism of the observations and their graded quality are designed to direct attention toward the psychic evolution of the protagonist.

Barranca abajo

Apoyada en el mortero llora un instante. Parece que viene tormenta del lao de la sierra. I realize, of course, that gauchophiles will find it even more difficult to accept the notion of a mentally exhausted Don Zoilo than the possibility of a suicidal criollo. Like a set of Chinese boxes, each act repeats the same basic design, but on a different scale.


En el aire no puedo hacerlo. Old Zoilo -enraged over his own impotence midway through the play- reacts sanchze the end to the death of Robusta much like Lear to that of his daughter.

Thus, he leaves his estate, the homestead, and finally the world while the women of the family make an essentially parallel series of decisions to abandon him. Roxana rated it really liked it Jun 01, Facundo rated it liked it Sep 05, Obviously, the public should not be shocked at his suicide, since it has been sympathetically conditioned to its inevitability. Salokya Sarira rated it it was ok May 29, The creative possibilities of dramatic literature were thus increased immeasurably.

Robusta is applying a plaster to her ailing mother Misia Dolores; her sister Prudencia and her aunt Rudelinda are both ironing. At a very young age, he published a few satirical articles in a newspaper and participated as actor anajo author in some family musicals with staged representations.

Barranca Abajo (English, Spanish, Paperback)

Tessy rated it did not like it Oct 23, Acquainted with the masterworks of the modern stage, and influenced by the esthetic concerns of Hispanic modernism, he was uniquely able to communicate a dramatic sensation of reality. Erika rated it really liked it May 10, Itzel Aguilar rated it really liked it Feb 14, The ensuing argument builds in intensity.

O let him pass!

And, in the final act, aware of his folly, he decides to end his meaningless life. Y si yo tuviese la culpa, menos mal. Don Zoilo, an aging rural patriarch, through the machinations of city lawyers loses his estate. You must be logged in to post a comment.


Shortly after his wartime service, his political affiliation with anarchy began. It is sanchezz the final scene of the Shakespearean tragedy that Lear, with the dead Cordelia in his arms, goes into a death swoon.

In this new scheme of things the characters’ movements and the use of stage objects passed from the domain of the acting company to that of the author. Graciela rated it really liked it Jan 18, Don Zoilo, in complete mastery of the new situation, makes a most commanding entrance-on horseback:. Here, the dramatist eschews such rhetorical devices in order to show the mood of impending disaster.

Answers to these questions are long overdue. As a consequence, the other public, the audience, might similarly be prompted to pity.

Pero eso era antes, y perdone. A family drama set in rural Uruguay in the early twentieth century.

Barranca abajo by Florencio Sánchez

He remained there for two years. It was a success, flroencio he followed up with a short but intense period of playwriting, with similar success in both Buenos Aires and Montevideo.

Finally, his youngest daughter dies, and in desperation and solitude he seeks an end to his own life. Florecita rated it liked it May 16, Apr 25, Nellie K. The drama takes place on both the external, physically real plane of naturalist theater and the internal, mentally dynamic plane of psychological drama.