Introduction Automounting enables a system to automatically mount and unmount NFS resources wheneve they are accessed. The resource. NFS & AutoFS. Configuring NFS: NFS(Network File System): This file system is implemented by most unix type OS(SOLARIS/LINUX/FreeBSD). NFS seamlessly . Hi, i’m new to Solaris,i have this task which need to be completedand i couldn’t find a peoblem is i have a Server-A and Server-B i.

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But there were several workstations and even some big server for big computational tasks. The higher the weighting value, the lower the chance that the server is selected.

How to enable/disable automount debugging in solaris 10 and solaris 11

Solarid currently shared all resources when used without argument: Also, from your response, how can I try to access the path that isn’t even visible? The variable helps you to accommodate different architecture types that are accessing the same file-system location. Autofs sends a message to the automountd for the requested file system to be mounted.

Sat Feb 16 The automount command reads the master map at system startup. The “NFS client fails a reboot” error Cause: You can use variables anywhere in an entry line except as a key. Occasionally, you might encounter problems with autofs. Share to all clients.


Less known Solaris Features: /export/home? /home? autofs? –

Autofs does not allow its mount points to have a hierarchical relationship. A reboot clears all the autofs mount points. The tools directory solafis to be a single mount.

The nosuid option prevents users from creating files with the setuid or setgid bit set. Force use of the public file handle when mounting a file system.

How to enable/disable automount debugging in solaris 10 and solaris 11 –

A file system mounted with solarus hard option prints a warning message and continues to try to process the request. Managing Network File Systems Overview. This message can indicate a network problem. Configuring NFS log paths: Allows access based on DNS domain. Related entries by tags: The “rpcbind failure” error Cause: Makes a previously available directory unavailable for the client side mount operations.

Next, the automounter counts the number of servers that run each version. You can influence the selection of servers at the same proximity level by adding a weighting value to the autofs map.


View my complete profile. Autofs can also mount files other than NFS files.

Configuring AutoFS in Solaris 10

The options lists are as follows: The following examples show how this mounting could be accomplished through autofs. This message means that solxris internal error occurred in autofs an anomaly. I compared these files from the non-working machine with the ones on working machine but did not notice any differences.

The use case Okay, an example. Lists the local resource currently being shared by the NFS server. After consulting the included map, if no match is found, automount continues scanning the current map.

The following table describes how to make changes to your autofs environment that are based on your name service. Monitoring Network Performance Tasks. But they want to use their homedirectories on the atofs of the other team. The default is 10,