Interview with Aukai Collins, whose book, My Jihad, describes his conversion to Islam and experiences as American Muslim fighting against. MY JIHAD: An American Mujahid’s Amazing Experiences in the World of Jihad, Bin Laden’s Training Camps, and the Aukai Collins, Author. by. Aukai Collins. · Rating details · ratings · 26 reviews. My Jihad is the personal story about the biggest threat to world peace and stability in our.

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You can learn a lot from it. He died on July 19,of sepsis in Oceanside, California. Collims the sequence of tales provide a clear idea of the life of a mujahid.

xymfora om “The book “My Jihad (…)” by Aukai Collins”

Five minutes later, the driver stopped to pick up someone else. Muhammad Zaky took me to Lindbergh Field to catch my flight to Frankfurt. A couple of days aukak a driver showed up. This page was last edited on 16 Decemberat Just beautiful, I thought.

One of his other visitors spoke English and translated for us. Until recently, the route into Bosnia had been wide open for mujahideen from all over the world, but conditions had changed, vollins by the time I was ready to go entrance was nearly impossible.

Aukai Collins

He told me to go back to Vienna and wait for him there; he would be arriving in a couple of weeks. Some were killed quickly; others kept fighting for ages. We spent hours watching combat footage of the war against the Soviets. Aukai Collins cukup jujur menceritakan perang batin seorang muslim amerika yang harus juga melawan stigma mayoritas bangsa barat pada jalan yang diambilnya When I looked over to the border post, I saw that one of the guards was looking in our direction, but he either didn’t see us or didn’t care.


The sudd It’s really hard to review this book accurately. Interview With Aukai Collins”. His desire for a pure jihad shows at points in his book, as there seems to be an underlying theme about whether or not what he is doing is right. Collins, a former mujahid and Phoenix-based FBI informant, has recently been in the news for allegedly having warned the FBI—to no avail—about one of the September 11 hijackers. As he passed by me he rested his hand on my shoulder briefly.

No one in the mosques talked about the war, and when I asked questions they seemed unconcerned. They were running a relief organization jhiad the Bosnians. Harakat-ul Jihad was supposed to have some sort of arrangement with the border guards, but as our driver was speaking to them, one of them saw me. Those who wish to get a real account of what the process of joining the ranks of mujahideen is like, are recommended to read this book This is all happening in the early ninties, and it is amusing how the americans did not care about it, or at least not that much.

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Perhaps the most disturbing fact was that the more I learned about the situation, the less it seemed the Muslims around me cared about it. VERY interesting first-hand account of an American convert that joins the jihad in Chechnya, then later grows disillusioned by those who kill innocents and starts helping U.


Thank you for signing up, fellow book lover! My Jihad is a book about a man who finds his true calling in life, through his search ocllins God and his fight for his people. In fundamentalist faith, you are given the ultimate father, strict rules, and big expectations. Once, I almost had an opportunity to enter Kashmir with a group of mujahideen.

They said that another organization in Zagreb needed someone who spoke English. I wasn’t able to reach Muhammad Zaky either, so I made my own plan.

He looked at me as though we were in his living room and smiled, then looked over at the cop behind the desk. I saw Abdullah at the mosque about a month later; he told me that his friend had just returned from Jhiad. Chris Doherty rated it liked it May 07, Jan 04, Mja rated it it was amazing.

We arrived in the last city before the border late that night and went to the Harakat-ul Mihad office to spend the night. Dec 10, Eric Johnson rated it liked it. A man in uniform sat at a desk in the next room.