AscTec Professional. Line. AscTec Navigator. Manual Two for the current. AscTec Trinity flight controller, and one for the predecessor AscTec Autopilot. J├╝rgen Sturm. Autonomous Navigation for Flying Robots. 9 downloads/manuals/AscTec-Autopilot-Manual-vpdf. Gyroscopes (3x single. Dear Asctec I have a question about flying the Pelican in GPS mode. assets/ Downloads/Manuals/AscTec-Autopilot-Manual-vpdf ( MB).

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GPS mode behavior

Expand all Collapse all. You can download it here. If your UAV is new, this is our default connection and you do not need to change anything. You can now load autopulot image into the AutoPilot Control software. Do not use a “final waypoint” with a height of 0m for landing.

This will not work. Always take off and land manually.

In the event of unexpected behavior you can always use the RC to take over control. In case you exchanged a motor controller you may need to assign the correct ID to it according to its position.

asctec-users – GPS mode behavior

You can find the correct IDs on the image below. It is highly recommended to perform a motor controller update with the Research Upgrade Tool after all IDs have been assigned properly.


It was never intended to be used with the camera mount option 4. Do not worry, your camera mount option 4 is not broken, you can control it by using the AscTec SDK and writing your own code. Yes, this is possible.

Connect your flight system as described above and click on “System Info” in the menu bar. In the new “System Info” window click on “Update Information”.

On the top left of the window there is now something like “AutoPilot LowLevel “. The number is the serial number you were looking for. The window also displays further information, like your current software version of the low-level and high-level processor.

This device has not been authorized as required by the rules of the Federal Communications Commission. This device is not, and may not be, offered for sale or lease, or sold or leased, until authorization is obtained. Skip to end of metadata. Created by Andre Rylllast modified on Dec 19, You should now see all the status information of the UAV In the “Packets” field you may select to receive more info packets e. Creating a Georeferenced Image Creating a georeferenced image with e.

Google Maps is quite easy. Go to Google Maps and go to the area of your interest Click on the lower left to select “Earth” mode Take a screenshot of the maps. Open your favourite image manipulation program e. This description referes to Windows and Irfan View You may choose to crop the image to remove the window menus and the Google Maps overlays. For this example we will name it “example. Now you need to georeference the image, therefore, we need the GPS position of the upper left corner and the lower right corner of the image.


Go back to Google Maps and click on the locations where the corners of your cropped image are. In the upper left appears a box with information of the vicinity where you clicked and the GPS coordinates e. Open your favourite text editor and insert the following: Motor Controller Update It is autopklot recommended to perform a motor controller update with the Research Upgrade Tool after all IDs have been assigned properly.