ArgoUML is the leading open source UML modeling tool and includes support for all User documentation On Windows or Mac: Double-click on Argo’s Javadocs Tab allows you to enter documentation on the selected design element. Extract all files from to a folder. Double click. The documentation () is impressive with different formats of a quick start and a user manual ( pages!) that.

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Welcome to ArgoUML

Use only UML notation clear by default. Current CASE tools provide automation and graphical user interfaces that reduce the manual work of entering a design and transforming a design into code. Similarly dragging a handle from an actor into empty space will adgouml a new use case. This then begs the question of how many iterations in total.

But let’s go back to saving our project. However if the ATM detects a fault, it may summon the engineer to fix it.

documenhation Once again the recursiveand iterative nature of our process means we will come back to the Analysis phase many times in the future. An important principle behind ArgoUML is that actions should be able to be invoked in whatever way the user finds convenient. Generalization is shown on a use case diagram by an arrow with solid line and solid white head from the subsidiary to the main use case.

ArgoUML homepage

The actors name is set in its property panel. This toolbar contains some of the tools from the Create Diagram menu. Functions here can not alter the UML model.

This button moves you back to the previous one selected. This allows you to toggle the auto-critique on and off, set the level of importance of design issues and design goals and browse the critics available. As well as UML artifacts, the Edit pane toolbar provides for general drawing artifacts rectangles, circles, lines, polygons, curves, text to provide supplementary information on diagrams.


As each UML concept is encountered, its use is explained. Select All shortcut Ctrl-A. Menu functions and shortcuts. Since include relationships are directional the order in which the two ends are selected is important.

At the top of the dialog, above the scrollable folder chooser area, there are a few more folder navigation tools. In addition, a project can only contain one UML model. It comprises the following check boxes. Later iterations will address doccumentation remaining use cases, flesh out the steps on individual alternate documentatikn and possibly provide more detail on individual steps. There are two text boxes provided. The output of the Code Generation is the completed program.

The function is indicated by the mousepointer which turns into a crosshair with arrows. Time to restart after failure, percentage of events causing failure, probability of data corruption on failure. Notice that your selection is highlighted in red in the To-Do Pane, and that a full explanation appears now in the Details Pane the lower right pane.

This conversion is not as straight-forward as the conversion of the static structure. At the top of screen is a menu bar. You will see it is possible to give an association end a name in its property tab. By holding down the control key you can select several. For example we might give the following sequence of steps for the basic flow of the use case “Withdraw Cash” in documentaiton ATM example.


ArgoUML – Open Source Unified Modeling Language UML Tool

If plugins are installed, then their functions appear here. The process described in this chapter draws heavily on the Rational Unified Process. All three options are freely available through the project web site, argouml.

As yet it is not widely adopted, but is likely to become the standard for graphical data that is based docuemntation vectors i. In this case the two actors involved in the main use case are really only involved in one or other of the two subsidiary use cases and this can be shown on the diagram.

If scaling is not chosen or in documentatiob it is not neededthen all pages containing a selected artifact are printed. This feature may be usefull during the analysis phase of your project. Give detailed use case specifications for each use case, covering normal and alternate behavior, pre- and post-conditions.

The directory from which ArgoUML was started. The ATM will continue to provide services to customers when communications with the central computer is not available. You’ll always get a warm welcome there. A project that has great vagueness in its specification some advanced research projects for example will docimentation to be heavier on the early phases.

There are a few browsers that read SVG natively: ArgoUML was originally developed by a small group of people as a research project. It causes diagonal lines to look much less jagged, by making use of several shades of gray.