Covering the months from January to May in , as Soviet and other Allied troops advanced to Berlin, freelance British historian Beevor (Stalingrad) opts for di. The Fall of Berlin has ratings and reviews. Bettie☯ said: Soviet soldiers hoist the red flag over the Reichstag in May http://www.t. The Fall of Berlin [Antony Beevor] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A tale drenched in drama and blood, heroism and cowardice.

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You end the book knowing not much more about Zhukov, Guderian, Chiukov or Weidling than when you started.


German “comrades” who emerged confidently into the red dawn found themselves handed over to Smersh counterintelligence interrogators, whose killer question was “why are you not with the partisans? The result was the most terrifying example of fire and sword ever known, with tanks crushing refugee columns under their tracks, mass rape, pillage and destruction.

The rumours of Hitler sneaking off to Latin America were the result of deliberate policy by Stalin. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally.

I think my politics are already pretty transparent so let’s dive in with what occupies my mind at the moment. Beevor follows up “Stalingrad” with “Ber I had tears in my eyes as I began compiling this review, shortly before finishing the book.

It was published by Viking Press inthen later by Penguin Books in They feel that it shows their soldiers in too negative a light. I think a better comparison is Stalin to Hitler. The book achieved both critical and commercial success. It dehumanizes the army that almost single-handedly saved the world from Nazi oppression.

A regular officer in the 11th Hussars, he served tne Germany and England. We are experiencing technical difficulties. Cold War stereotypes have no place in the modern world. Beevor writes with the skill of the best authors of thrillers. Cleverly playing his commanders against one another, Stalin put in place an enormous force for the final assault on Berlin. Taken together and complemented by a viewing of the Bruno Ganz movie ” Downfall”, these 2 books will provide the student of WW2 history with a great perspective on the unravelling of the Third Anony After a fascinating guided walking tour entitled “the last days of the Third Reich” during a recent weekend in Berlin, I felt compelled to re-read Anthony Beevor’s “Berlin, the Downfall ” which, together with his other masterpiece Stalingrad, are among the finest military histories from World War 2.


The Battle of Arnhem: In any case, Paris After the Liberation was the most enjoyable book possible to research and write. It was published by Viking Press inthen later by Penguin Books in Verlin is to say, if you can’t be talked out of Nazism on moral or rational grounds, you might at least take into account how catastrophically they lost.

Beevor visited the set of the blockbuster film Enemy at the Gateswhich is set during the siege of Stalingrad, and summed it up for the BBC as “fiction, based on a grain of truth. Overall, I felt this was a good read, it took quite a bit of reading, and I had to refer to the maps at the front of the book many times for a view of a particular unit or area, but it was well written and informative.

He explores not just the military aspects of this period but also the social impacts and changes wrought by the war. I love him as historian because he’s much better at writing than most historians. Published April 29th by Penguin Books first beevro Although many argue that Stalin was in many ways worse than Hitler He certainly killed more of his own countrymen than the Nazis ever did the difference though was that his was a political rather than a racial genocide, and that his crimes were largely hidden 9145 the view of the outside World.

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The first when the initial wave of advancing soldiers occupies a civilian area; the second when the vanguard moves on and the following wave of combat units arrives often the most indiscriminate and horrific of the phases ; the third and fourth stages as with the war’s end, the horrors of survival for some women in post-Nazi Beecor include committing themselves to the ‘protection’ of one particular Red Army soldier or other.

Similarly, the part on the fate of the victorious Russian generals is interesting. Downfal actual battle is described in short slices, sometimes difficult to follow but overall well-made given the medium. After a fascinating guided walking tour entitled “the last days of the Third Reich” during a beecor weekend in Berlin, I felt compelled to re-read Anthony Beevor’s “Berlin, the Downfall ” which, together with his other masterpiece Stalingrad, are among the finest military histories from World War 2.


Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. Did Berliners cope with the mass death and despair in a different way to Londoners? There’s a problem loading this menu right now. The text is good but there are a fair number of errors in the digital version suggesting that when OCR was applied to the print text no one edited the digital version. I forgot that the Soviets said the German children crying sounds the same as ours. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs.

Millions of ethnic Germans fled or were forced from the former eastern and occupied territories. As for the Germans, he doesn’t give in to the idea that they are victims, but he does show the terrible bind that civilians were in, being shot at while queuing at a pump or watching their young sons pointlessly sent to berlih front on bicycles. The most heroic acts of this battle and yet one of the Say what you will about Hitler and the Nazis, but you cant help but feel for the ordinary German people in this poignant end to Germany in WWII.

On the human side of the story, Beevor tells many individual tales of defiance, bravery, resistance, kindness and cruelty. He recounts not only from the top-down military strategy and tactics level, but also from the bottom-up real-life experience accounts of ordinary participants caught up in the great and terrible events, the individual soldiers and civilians.

The Fall of Berlin by Antony Beevor

The book was accompanied by a BBC Timewatch programme on his research into the subject. Oleg Rzheshevsky, a professor and the president of the Russian Association of World War II Historians, has stated that Beevor is merely resurrecting the discredited and racist views of Neo-Nazi historians, who depicted Soviet troops as subhuman “Asiatic hordes”. Poor Zhukov, as near as this story comes to producing a hero, was kept in the dark for 20 years and expected to explain away the disappearance to the allies purely to humiliate the man.

One Red Army member in Stalingrad angrily shouted at a prisoner that Berlin would one day look like this. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

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